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Monster timer glitch


  • adruralo
    3293 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    adruralo52 wrote: »
    I would encourage anyone to inform EA about this bug as I have done. The more complaints about this bug the better and hopefully get it resolved very quickly.


    not really sure what is on that page that you're trying to get people to look at
    This is the method to contact EA via email to report bugs, game crashes etc, just simply fill in the details.
    Fill in the top left side boxs.
    1. Select a topic. Choose to report a bug
    2. Select a platform. Choose your device.
    then scroll down to 'contact us'
    And fill in the information. To report it via email.

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  • jukan00
    2320 posts Member
    Just posting to say it's happening to me as well.
  • I'm on android so I'm out of sync with other people. I was able to send 3 people for the first round. Cleared them just before going to bed. When I woke up, I could send 2 to fight monsters. Worked a little more on the quest line and got to friend visits. Visited friends. When I got back from friends, I could send 2 more characters to fight monsters (had to spring them from their current jobs). So, now I have 2 battle in line with town and 2 battles about 45 minutes off.
  • Same issue here. Had 2 hrs....left the game came back now 4hrs.
  • Just logged in expecting to battle some beasties and it says I've got another 2 1/2 hours.

    Seems like this is tied to the bonut glitch people were talking about. It has the same things involved. **** useless
  • Also having this problem . Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  • Funny how they fixed the bonut glitch lickedy split, but something that benefits EA doesn't get dealt with.
  • Similar story here.. fought 3 monsters last night, two this morning.. went to check back just a bit ago to start new fights and my time has went from 2 + hours (2+ hours ago) to 3 hrs+ currently. Android device.
  • Same here, battle timer is messed up, been waiting for just over 6 hours for the battles to finish and currently have 1 hr and 20 mins to go so if it does by some miracle finish at that time then this battle has lasted 7 hr 20 min, gguess they simply just don't test anything.
  • Khorah
    196 posts Member
    edited October 2016

    Seems like this is tied to the bonut glitch people were talking about. It has the same things involved.[/quote]
    ^-- This..

    Amazing how that works EA.. You gonna lose 12 cents from a bonut box?? Bust out the devs!! They arent in yet?? Call them at home!!

    Beach house loses its multiplier?
    Timers are whacked out?
    People arent getting MAG credits?
    Formatting on the boards is at to hell?

    Squeeze it in when you can boys..

  • Ah i am grateful for this post as i've been at work and hadn't noticed i had this problem!
  • It went from 2:10 mins to 3:35 minstrel. What a cruddy event
  • adruralo
    3293 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Managed now to get to the battle after being retimed time and time again, however only two fights.
    iPad Air M1 2022: iPhone 15 pro Titanium. iOS 17.1
  • The fact they haven't patched this yet is bordering on inexcusable. We're almost 24 hours into the event and the primary means of making currency is still broken. They're really screwing the pooch on this one.
  • Spoke roo soon its happened again
  • Just as a matter of interest does anyone know how many fights per day we are allowed before hitting the cap?
  • GAAAHHH!! After restarting a few times during the day, my timer was finally running down normally. I had less than 10 minutes left, and decided to close the game during that time to conserve battery (phone almost out of charge). When I went back ingame, it was back to 3hrs 46min :s

    Plus, just to add insult to injury, I've got a daily task to do 6 monster battles for 1 donut...
  • ern1e146
    20 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    I read at tstoaddicts, that someone could solve the problem, by just movimg the MAG Office. At the moment 1 hour left to the next fight.

    Edit: Moving the MAG Office wont help. Got the next reset to 3:25. This 5ucks. meehh
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  • Having the same problem and frustrated. Whenever I go back into my game the timer resets. I have tried everything suggested and none work (e.g., moving the MAG Office, reinstalling the game, etc.). Hopefully a patch is on its way. Can't happen soon enough as we have basically lost a day of monster fights which is a lot of lost points.
  • Just keep the game running in the background. I know not everyone can but it seems to let the timer run down for me. hopefully this gets fixed soon.
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