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No MAG points for old items?

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Edit: apparently certain items award no MAG points for anyone - new or old players

Honestly, I don't mind crafting usually but I'm boggled with this one.

I have Spooky Houses, groves, trees up the wazoo from last year and years before that. But now there's options to craft them again this year. I'm assuming anyone who has them, gets MAG points upon placement. But what about the rest of us? At least for me, I don't have the "First X award X Mag awards on placement!" for the Spooky Houses like it has on the Iron Wall. And I have 3 houses but only 20 MAG points from the first fence I placed. Nothing for the oodles of spooky groves I had out from last year. I even placed a few things that were in storage to see if it would trigger points.
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  • I just came on here to ask what are MAG points? I am in the same boat as you with spooky houses and all sorts from previous years but what made me notice is that if you purchase the Hibbert Island from the store you are awarded MAG points but I was just wondering what they are and what they contribute to as I haven't read or seen anything about this either in the game or online so far.

    I know the event has only just started and that so all will be clearer in a couple of days time but if anyone who has bought the Hibbert Island or anything to do with MAG points could shed some light that would be appreciated!
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    They don't give MGA points I think.

    If they gave MGA points there's several possible scenarios:
    1. Everyone gets them for crafting. Would mean that people who already have the items have to craft them again to get the MGA points. Not really a good solution...
    2. Only those who don't have the items yet get them. That means either that those who have the items already cannot get as many points as new players which would be unfair.
    3. Or it would mean that people who already have the items would automatically be awarded the MGA points, resulting in a huge head start which would be unfair to new players.

    In my opinion the way they did it is the best.

    Edit: autocorrected words recorrected.
  • Oh you're right that they don't give points to any points at all. Just checked my feeder town that started after last year's THOH and it won't get points for the Spooky House either. Dunno why I didn't think to check that sooner, guess I haven't used it in so long I forgot I made one.
  • I'm really baffled by the MAG points.

    I've just crafted the spooky tree and nothing ... what's the point of crafting if we don't get MAG points? I seem to have been stuck on 200 points since it started but I haven't a clue how or where they came from :|

    Mands xxx
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