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Space used by STO on iphone 6 latest ios

The game is taking 1.45 G (!) on my iphone. I have been playing for years. I have tried removing and reinstalling tapped out as well as repeatedly restarting the iphone to recognize deleted data. I very soon be unable to use the game. How do I reduce the footprint.


  • A quick and easy way to recover space on an iDevice is to attempt to RENT a MOVIE in the iTunes Store. Just pick a large HD movie, since they take several gigs of space, you won't get charged, instead it will error out saying something to the effect not enough storage available, but you will mysteriously reclaim a lot of storage space.
  • Unfortunately there are no ways to reduce the size of the tapped out game due to the fact that as our Springfields have grown in size over the last 4 years so have the file sizes increased, if you think back to the original game size and how much land and buildings we had and then compare with the size of land, number of buildings and the amount of characters along with animations you should start to realise why the game is now so large.
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