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THANK YOU - Sign this thread to thank EA for fixing XP and beach hideaway



  • I have no idea what anyone was talking about from the start, and I don't remember if I even BOUGHT a "beach hideaway", let alone know what its multiplier was, so when I saw all the threads pop up saying they'd taken it away, my head was starting to hurt trying to decide whether I should feel badly for those who lost it, or REALLY badly for those who lost it.

    So thank you, EA, for fixing it. I no longer need to think about it.

    Also, thank you for fixing a lot of other things over the years, and giving us the Job Manager. And the Character button thing up in the left top corner of the game. And the Census thing at Town Hall. And that thing where we can select a whole bunch of stuff all at one time to move or store. And that IRS radius thing for people like me who are too lazy to collect money the old way. And the inventory categories. And the navigation arrows for when we visit friends. And that little 'storage' box at the bottom of our task-book list, where some of the tasks are all stored together so the task list isn't a mile long, although I have NO IDEA what your algorithm is for deciding which things to put in that box and which things to leave out of that box.

    That's it for now. :)
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