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Missing 90th Friend Action

Hi everybody,
I'm not sure maybe it is a well known issue then please excuse me.

I noticed that starting from Superheroes the last Friend Action doesn't give you any of event currency. If you check Friend Actions counter before tapping this last time it says: "You will get 5 Films for your next 1 Friend Action " and then it pays out only money. Has anyone noticed it too?


  • aidx1054
    1554 posts Member
    That's a common thing unfortunately, I don't think I've played an event where it has been like that, it's probably a coding error in making it end before 90 actions instead of at 90 actions.
  • Thank you :) Not a big deal actually. Funny that I haven't noticed it for years.
  • Yeah I too have noticed this in many many events. Always 89 actions; never 90. Not a big enough issue to be worth complaining but it's been a minor annoyance nevertheless.
  • Kind of a fun fact about TSTO. :smile:
  • Only 89 actions for me. Every event since stonecutters.
    BulldogMom23 in Crawl to the Finish
  • I don't know why...but it's always been like this. Must be a programming glitch or error that EA could never be bothered to fix.

    Well, if you're 70 film short at the end of the Act, you know who to blame! :p
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