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EA - 2 items (Digit grouping, Complete photo)

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Hello EA,

A couple of items I think you should include.

1) Digit grouping - For the love of god please finally update the game to correctly group digits in all displayed numbers. 1000000 should be 1,000,000 Its a LOT easier to read and really doesn't take up to much space. Its been bugging me for years, and its such a simple fix.

2) Complete photo - A basic function to capture a screen shot of our entire Springfield without having to stitch together dozens and dozens of photos.

Thanks for listening.
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  • Great ideas! I hope EA considers them. It appears they have been reading the forum/listening to the players recently, so maybe someone up there will see this. Unfortunately, putting the term "basic" in front of the phrase "screen shot function" is oxymoronic; it definitely would not be easy to program and it would be a huge file for people who have all of the land available.
  • Hey thejanik3, thanks.

    Not sure 'oxymoronic' is applicable here, in any case its basic as in no frills (edit functions, settings, etc) rather than a simple implementation.

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