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Placing and buying items from inventory glitch

You may have noticed changes what placing items from inventory, there's a little counter showing you how many of that item are left in inventory and when you run out it changes to show the cost so you can just keep placing that item. Very handy for things like fences that are chained together.

This feature also works for craftables using event currencies. Don't use it though, because I think you won't get credit for obols spent to level up the construction yard. Not sure but you might miss MAG points too.

I happened to store my iron fences to move stuff around and stumbled on this so I thought I'd give a heads up. I'm out of obols now so if someone could confirm this is reproducible I'll post this over in bugs and issues.


  • I did get credit when I accidentally bought trees with obols. When I returned to the menu I had leveled up and unlocked several items. I did NOT, however, gain any MAG points for placement.
  • Ok so trees are a bit of a different case because they don't generate MAG points no matter how you make them. None of the returning items do. Only new stuff like the iron or gargoyle fences or Dr Hibbard's Island earn MAG points.

    Anyways all my 4 hour jobs just finished so I had enough Obals to run another test. Bought another fence from the build menu and payed very close attention to both Construction Yard level and MAG points. I got the MAG points but the Obals spent didn't count to a level up as I suspected earlier so definately something to avoid.
  • Thanks for the warning! :)
  • Strange that mine did count to level up. Do trees count for people who didn't already have them?
  • I have crafted multiples of the gargoyle fences (3 at a time) and the bats so far and everything has counted towards MAG point points and levelling up correctly. The only returning item i have crafted is a spooky house which didnt reward MAG points (which is correct) but did also correctly help towards levelling up.
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