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Check the store...

For all the people that couldn't get witch Marge because they bought the couldron last year... she appeared in the store and I could buy her for 75 donuts :)


  • Was she in the store or in that mystery pumpkin thingy?
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  • She was in the store. I never had her in my mystery pumpkin because I bought the cauldron last year and I just randomly checked the store and there she was for 75 donuts
  • It seems like if you had previously bought only the caldron, you can now purchase Witch Marge for 75 donuts.
    Otherwise, you have to get her and the caldron from the mystery pumpkin.
  • Yea a lot people were complaining that witch Marge wasn't in the pumpkin and I couldn't get the skin separately. today I was able to buy her just for everyone who had the same problem
  • To elucidate: I want Witch Marge badly for my #3 game. I don't have the Cauldron from last year (because my #3 game was just for testing stuff last year) so the only way I could get her would be through the Jack O' Lantern, which in addition to Marge the Witch has:

    the Nightmare Pile
    Acorn Kirk
    the Sepulcher of Evil
    the Donut Torture Device
    Squirrel Luann
    and the Hover-Copter

    NONE of which I want.

    And you know of course I would have to pay 60 donuts 6 times (which I don't even have btw) before Witch Marge was the last remaining thing in the JOL, for which I would need yet ANOTHER 60 donuts.
  • Do you think tappers made EA aware of Witch Marge not being available for those who had the cauldron? and If so, I wonder if we could get them to put the foggy swamp for sale?
  • pollypocket88
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    edited October 2016
    Yea I can imagine so a lot of people were complaining (including me) and I think it's not fair they shouldn't separate bundles like the cauldron and witch Marge. Or they should put the foggy swamp in the store after for those who bought the crazy cat lady bundle. I bought the crazy cat lady years ago and I got her skin with the swamp. so I think they should put the swamp in the store separate for who ever wants to buy the bundle and the foggy swamp
  • I agree with @pollypocket88 I need more mosquitoes in my town. :yum:
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • I would definitely like Witch Marge...but I'm definitely not wasting 60 donuts each time in the hopes of getting her.
  • CamelRama
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    edited October 2016
    Sheesh!! I forgot what made this so cool! It actually animates Burn's Read from necromicon task!


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