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Looking for creative players

Just cleaned up my friends list.

I'm looking for active players who are really into designing and doing creative things with their towns. I'm going to start weeding out the players who are just collectors and tend to dump everything into a big pile of random buildings.

So, please, no beginner players or collectors. Just people with creative towns that want to show off their ideas (and maybe let me steal said ideas ;) ).



  • Im level 112. I put alot of time into arranging stuff. New event stuff gets just tossed in a corner until the event is over, then I create a space for it. Feel free to send a fr Crowsfox
  • LadyFig95
    11 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    I'm not tech savy(as you can tell by my username which I can't figure out how to change) but I do love playing this game everyday. I started 2.5 years ago and I'm at level 117. I started playing because of my daughter who has since graduated college and is working full time now doesn't have the time to be my friend anymore. I would like to have more friends than the one originally assigned by the game. Also, I am not a collector, I like to creativly set up my town just right. Thanks!
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