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Stop excluding some players with these bundle only offers



  • spritals148
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    edited October 2016
    kymagirl wrote: »
    Chris60119 wrote: »
    I'm not seeing any of these bundles?

    Right now only the THOH Bundle #1 is active - you can only see it if it's available to you. Other bundles will be visible/available to you at various times in the event if you're eligible to purchase them.

    Being eligible means, sadly, that you DO NOT already own the Unique item available in the bundle.

    I so understand the frustration. EA really should have thought this through.
    I so love this game but the last pile-o-mess and now this, EA can kiss, oh I really wanna be rude :confounded:
    Edit: @kymagirl thank you for your answer. :)
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • In total agreement here, TAKE OUR MONEY, EA!
  • Chris60119 wrote: »
    The only thing I see right now with more then one item is the walls
    This is what you will see if you are eligible for the current THOH Bundle #1:

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