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Its a marathon not a sprint.


  • MoopsDude
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    That is the reason I bought 12 krusty burgers, 12 Qwik e marts and made sure to keep 15 brown houses to make those tasks go faster. You can not buy them all at once early on, but it is a goal to work for IMHO.
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  • Jarfermeister
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    Thanks, that is the type of thing I'm looking for, some semblance of a direction to go into.
  • hellokenney
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    I see that to get other restaurants it says "Heavy Krusty Burger user" or something, so I just keep having Homer go eat at Krusty's but nothing ever comes from it

    Regarding this, you can't unlock a quest, or speed up/change the order in which quests are received. I assumed, like you did, that sending people to Krusty Burger would eventually unlock the Heavy Krusty Burger User quest (which is a requirement for the Gulp N Blow, if I remember right). The only way to get to the next structure quest is to just keep completing every task that comes up.

    For me, the biggest bummer was building the power plant. It has three components that take 24 hours each and must be built one at a time. After that, there are several loooong quests involving homer and burns working at the plant. So unless you speed things up, the quests surrounding the plant take almost a week- the ones leading up to construction, construction itself, and the follow up quests that must be completed before moving on to the next structure quest.
    Bottom line I really don't want to spend real money to progress faster, but I'm assuming that's what EA is hoping we do?
    Now you've got it! :mrgreen:
    After unlocking a shiny new structure, the 24 hour wait is a killer. If its any consolation, Bart's Treehouse has no build time...
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