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Future Simpson House Missing

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edited October 2016
I got the house during the event and placed it in my town, but then i needed space and put it in my inventory and now its gone. I tought it was a bug and that it will get fixed, but now several weeks have passed and i still cant find it.
In another thread about missing items they said contact support from within the game, but when i click the yellow contact button and missing items it just says: "We were unable to connect you with the support channel you requested." What can i do?


  • If you cannot find the item in the subsections of the inventory, be sure you check your entire/main inventory (that is do not select a specific icon when opening your inventory and do not select the yellow arrow at the left side of your inventory - just scroll through the main inventory that appears when you first open it) - some items only show up in the main inventory.

    You also might want to take a good look around your town to make sure you didn't accidentally put it somewhere and forgot that you did (I realize that is unlikely, but it's been known to happen)

    If you still cannot locate it, you can contact EA Help by using the following link:


    I hope you find your item :)
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