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Tie-in is kinda dissapointing

I always like the Halloween tie-ins, although I really miss the times where we received a costume after searching for a set of items and answering a question related to the episode. It gave Halloween tie-in something special.

Samething goes for last year's episode tie-in. I do like the free decoration tho but it doesn't hype me that much for the episode like last tie-in did.


  • I really didn't mind it. It was quick and didn't tie up characters being used for the main event.
  • I would like a better prize, being honest.
  • I did like that the jobs were quick, I didn't want to have to take characters off event tasks.
    The prize is okay, fits in with the Halloween items.
    Not overly excited, but it was okay
  • I love the wall and that it just looks cool without a lot of space.
    Is this Sunday the Halloween episode? Thought it was Sunday after. Wha'do I know :)
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • CamelRama
    171 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Actually, I like that I now have a sign that describes how I feel about Springfield Heights. That's where I put it.
  • I was glad for the film that would have otherwise taken hours to earn.
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