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So did sending "everyone" on the same quest task change...

So just hit "The Comic's Town Affair Pt 2" where you have to send 10 Springfielders on a 6 hour quest, but of course like all of these types of quests it becomes everyone's highlighted quest, so you can't use the Unemployment office for a group send, which has always annoyed me. But this time when I hit the quest icon to see if I had sent 10 people or not and could continue the mind numbing scroll through 100 more characters but at least send them on a different quest, I noticed a "start" button next to the ones I hadn't sent on any quests yet, which let me quickly just send everyone else on the same quest. I ended up sending everyone on the quest anyway using that option, but it was a heckuva lot better (faster) than having to select each character and then send them individually on a quest.

So did I really just never notice I could do that before, because I know I've checked before in the middle of those things to see if I'd sent the number I needed and it seems like I should have noticed at some point? Or has this recently changed and I just missed it changing?


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