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What's up Forum?
I'm seeing a ton of negative junk on here - and it's making me sad.....
People starting threads- many of whom have Never or rarely post here - and they get some of the most negative, snarky comments back....
It's clearly upsetting- if you read through there are responses a lot like what the heck?! Thanks for being rude.....
It's surprising to me, as usually I feel we are a pretty nice bunch of folks to hang out with.
So, please, refrain from being nasty on a thread- just becasue you don't agree with the subject, or that the post should or should not have been made- who cares? Is there limited space for threads on the forum we are using up?
Fun, is fun, messing with eachother happens- but I'm talking rudeness
Chill out people. We want New peeps here- Lets not chase them off being rude o commenting to we don't think their post belongs...
Sorry, my 2 cents - but the rise in Snarky, rude commentary lately is bugging me.
We're nicer people than that :)

The old saying- If you can't say something nice.... Don't say anything at all, right?
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  • Thanks for adding this Anna.

    I think that this forum is better than most when it comes to things like this but there are definitely times when I wonder why a certain comment had to be made since those types of comments never add to the overall conversation or topic of the thread.
  • this seems to happen this time of year, many of the newer posters or lurkers seem to voice their opinions until after the holidays. agreed that negative and snarky comments have kept me laying low lately because a simple comment can bring on a bunch of snarky comments and gets more people wound up.

    totally agree with you Anna, we are a nicer and more respectful community than i've seen lately. it just seems like there has been an influx of new posters with the onset of Halloween and hope the new posters stick around but also some need to relax and enjoy the game and forum more with less negativity :)
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  • meinaz
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    I feed on negativity :naughty: Just kidding. I agree with you. There are ways to disagree without being nasty. People should feel free to express their feeling without being attacked.
  • I notice this periodically too. It seems to happen in waves on here. I agree though. People need to chill out a bit. Good on you for calling people out on this! :)
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  • It happens all the time. Don't let it get you down Anna. To make you happy again keep on OT
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    Live life to the full

    Love you Davo Rest in paradise
  • Totally agree. There are trolls in every subject. You talking about too little donuts, they say you are spoiled it's already better what else do you want. You say there are too many donuts. They complain about the thread what are you trying to do. You say there aren't enough good items, they say it's already 20 items each event plus all the nice free items. You say there are too many items to buy, they say you are complainer it's already so easy to get donuts these days. Although I agree with some comments, it just feels like some people are just not happy no matter how the game is. And the problem is, they voice their opinions with such hostility, as if having a different opinion than theirs is the worst crime. But look. It's a good game. We all enjoyed for years and hopefully years to come. Just chill out. Enjoy it. Don't you think so?
  • Good Job @Annathewicked

    I was thinking this morning we need a thread like this. The trolling seems to come and go but there seem to be two new themes here lately

    A) I disagree with your opinion therefore I must show why you should not be posting here and you are a bad person ( aka trumping the messenger )
    B) I haven't posted for an hour so lets put 'Oh that's great' as a response to every thread on page one

    This is a good group of people, maybe your thread will remind everyone that its easy to be rude through a post, but a real person is at the other end, and was only expressing an opinion.

    Happy Tapping everyone.
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  • This has been more prevalent lately :neutral: I would also like to note that there are many different ways people tend to this game, and it seems like there has been a bit too much contention due to this. We have premium players, freemium players, donut farmers, completionists...all sorts! A little bit of common courtesy goes a long way, I hope that the forums keep on providing a good source of info/tips and community. Thank you for your observations Anna, I'm sure many of us have been feeling the same way.

  • To be perfectly honest, I just don't see it.
    Then again my doctor has me on skin-thickeners so maybe it's the meds.
  • There are some mean people here just like all other forums. You kind of get to know who they are, and then discredit their comments. "Oh, it's just that guy."
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  • bluntcard wrote: »
    There are some mean people here just like all other forums. You kind of get to know who they are, and then discredit their comments. "Oh, it's just that guy."

    There's an ignore feature too if someone is really bothering you, click their name and on the right side of their profile page is an ignore button. ...never to be seen again.
  • Thank you Anna, I've been feeling the same way. Trying to makes jokes to turn the conversation or scream squirrel to break the needless intensity. I love the diverse ways there are to play, different things i or others think of to make it better.
    The condensation is the painful element for me when in forum. If I need to be condescending or self righteous to any other player then I need a time out.
    We are better people then the negativity is suggesting.

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  • Hope I haven't been one of those people who makes negative comments and be rude also. I try my best to get on with people and avoid confrontations.
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  • the whole internet has become rampant with negativity, I blame facebook.
  • spritals148
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    Ah hell, if it was you we'd just slap ya around a bit. :) actually everyone I've seen posting here have been the ones trying to temper things.
    Edit: I did not say a bad word! Swear lol dumb filter.
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • I hate it when people are negative about something so good. Share views but dont slate it.
    If the game receives too much negativity could the game come to an end?
  • empathy77 wrote: »
    the whole internet has become rampant with negativity, I blame facebook.

    I blame the Election.......... :o

    Thanks all for the comments.
    I get sometimes we don't mean to say something that may be taken as rude - we all do. Just it seems to be at a High in here Currently.
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • spritals148
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    @jarya93 most likely not, but It could make a lot of good people leave the forum.
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  • I am extremely offended by this thread.
  • All these negative comments regarding negativity are having a negative effect on my reverse negativity complex. Can we please un-negative the negativityness? For negativity's sake? I hope this post wasn't too negative. Reverse negative thoughts and blessings to you all. Typed with non-negative fingers and feelings from a computer that espouses the power of non-negativity. Negatively :)
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