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My case was closed without fix the problem, wao

Yup, sounds like some of EA's shenanigans.


  • GldnMan
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    edited January 2013
    What's the problem? They said they value you as a customer and assisting you was their pleasure....

    OHHHH...you wanted them to fix something -- may I ask this question then?

    Who is the more foolish - The fool or the fool who follows? After all the posts on this forum about their customer support, I blame you more than them, lol!

  • nickfantinat
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    edited January 2013
    Ha. I lost my town and all of the donuts/premium items I bought so I complained back when the Treehouse update came out. They never responded and I wanted the Treehouse items so I started playing from level 1 again. Now I'm up to level 25 and I got an email from them a couple of days ago. The guy asked me what level I was at before the reset and how many donuts I had. I told him I had probably around 5-600 but I said not to reset my game to the level I was at because I played through and surpassed it. So this guy writes back and says that he's glad my problem has been solved and apologized for not getting back to me earlier. He coded the ticket. Guess what I got none of? My donuts that I bought with my real money.
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