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Luann and Cracker Factory - has it ever been on promo?

Just a quick question, because I've got Squirrel Luann skin in Mystery Jack O'Lantern and to use it I should now buy Luann herself.

Do you think there is a chance of promo on them?


  • I believe this was planned by EA to get people to purchase the premium character, so to answer your question of the chance of a promo, I'd have to guess:

  • 2015 Black Friday deal was 150 donuts with 40 donuts back, so cost 110. There is always a chance so if you can wait a month, do it. She isn't a limited time character so is always available and she doesn't help with this event so no point in rushing to get her.
    But my mum says I'm cool
  • Thank you guys. I think it makes sense to wait until Black Friday, maybe computer will change its mind. :)
  • I think Black Friday's going to have the Levels 53-60 stuff, but they might throw her in there again.
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