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So in the task bar it says 1/1, correct?

I know this sounds odd but stay with me... when tasks get stuck like this, you need to reset the character that triggers the task.

Principal Skinner interacts with Willie to build the Krabapple Apartments after Bart and Lisa finish going to school (you should be past that part since you already built the apartments). To complete the task, one of these characters needs to be reset by storing their building, then replacing it in your town from the inventory. Try these:

<li>Skinner - store/replace the school
<li>Willie - store/replace Willie's shack
<li>Bart - store/replace the Treehouse (send Bart to the treehouse first, as I've had him still skateboarding around town the one time I tried this)
<li>Lisa - unfortunately, Lisa cannot be reset this way since you can't store the SImpson's house. Hopefully Lisa is not the problem.
<li>Edna Krabappel - store/replace the apartment building for good measure

I hope this works! The next task on the list is to send Krabappel to teach for 8 hours so if that happens and the task is cleared, you should be good to go.

FYI - Here is a complete walkthrough with tasks for future reference:


  • willowbud
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    edited January 2013
    Oh thanks so much........ Did as you said up until the last one, went to store Krabapple apartments but stored the school again by accident.....

    All good now, thanks so much, he will be able to continue once he gets in from school and I can carry on with my own game lol x
  • ickshter
    117 posts
    edited January 2013
    you COULD send Lisa to babysit Rod and Todd and then store Flanderess house. I just did this because I had Lisa do that job then Bart started the go to school quest and I took Lisa out so they could do it together hoping this was the beginning of the Krabapple quest. Sounds like I was right. SWEET!!!
  • spiffshine
    1978 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    ickshter wrote:
    you COULD send Lisa to babysit Rod and Todd and then store Flanderess house.

    Good idea ickshter! I will keep that in mind in case Lisa gets stuck down the line. Thank you!

    Willowbud, I am glad that little trick worked for your son's game! Good luck with your own. :)
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