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Disappearing Obols Glitch

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This happens to me a lot because it can be tough to avoid when you have multiple things to collect and you are setting jobs for all your characters.

The obols earned by trick-or-treaters are sometimes not counted if you have other things going on at the time. (If you are collecting money from other characters after their jobs are done, for example.) Also, if you tap the trick-or-treat bag icon in the corner to find your trick-or-treaters when they are done, sometimes it ignores everything they have earned.
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  • :o I guess I need to pay more attention. I always use the trick-or-treat bag in the corner when collecting. I will watch more closely. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Oh no...this is bad news. I have been doing it this way since the beginning...no wonder I have hardly any obols! :#
  • I am ready to engage murderous rage if this is true. I'm like almost at level 9 at the construction yard, which I think means I'm fine....
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  • I'm not making it up. I've been saving up for the Forest Cave for days and I've been stuck at barely over half. I gave up this morning and spent about 90 donuts to rush it. With all the glitches, crafting everything is now impossible unless they increase the amount of obols dropped.
  • meinaz
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    I haven't noticed, but I deal with my trick or treaters before I do anything else in town.
  • Monsters are dropping 2 obols now instead of 1. It will help some, but I still think it wont be possible to craft all the prizes..
  • I just confirmed this in my games. Don't use the candy bag or tap other things when tapping out your Trick-or-Treaters or you may lose the obols.
  • So that's why it's taking forever! Thanks for letting us know!
  • I was wondering what was going on. I too, am stuck near half of cave cost. I don't even want it but there's also the MAG issue. Very frustrating.
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  • Oh, good to know. It seemed to be taking forever to progress. I'll change my pattern of collecting. Thanks!
  • No wonder I haven't even made it to level 10 yet on the construction yard... even though I collect at least 4 times daily. Thanks for the helpful info!
    EA - please do something to make up for this glitch. Perhaps more daily challenges with Obals for the prize?
  • I've done nearly all my collecting from trick or treat characters by tapping the corner bag. I presume it must work sometimes & can't be completely broken otherwise I'd expect to making even slower progress. Must pay closer attention next time...
  • I watched it yesterday and I always ended with the correct amount of obols after collecting and I used both methods - tapping kids once and the bag the next. When tapping I went slow and made sure they were crediting before tapping again.

    Even with 10 trick or treaters it is slow going on the obols and needs to be changed. I don't see how anyone will be able to craft everything and certainly not pick up anything extra.
  • Agreed. I really wanted to make more gnarly bushes, fences, etc etc etc. now I'll be thrilled if even with the couple of prize packets of obols if I get to the shipwreck let alone get it :confounded:
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  • It's still happening. If you collect cash and obols from trick or treaters at the same time, the obols won't count. I guess I have to store the IRS building, as inconvenient as that is. They're really taking their time to fix this glitch since it has been around through the whole event.
  • First off, thanks for posting this info. I have been watching like a hawk since I saw this post. I have been using the bag icon thingy and it has been paying out properly but I am still glad I saw this thread and know what to watch for. Thanks again OP!
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  • I watched it yesterday and I always ended with the correct amount of obols after collecting and I used both methods - tapping kids once and the bag the next. When tapping I went slow and made sure they were crediting before tapping again.
    I didn't notice a problem either. I tried one collection at a time and I tried tap tap tap quickly. I'm at level 10 now. It's time to wonder if this is an OS problem. I'm on Android.
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  • johncolombo
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    I've been watching but have not noticed a glitch. I also reached out to the EA team, and they found the Obols are behaving correctly and are getting collected as well. Matter of fact I looked at my obel count, I know on collecting the trick or treaters I get 22 obels. I used the pumpkin method and after clearing each trick or treater the numbers added up correctly.
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  • This time I was trying to collect from a trick-or-treater who was walking by a house that was ready. I tapped on him, both were cleared, but my obol count didn't change. When I finished I was missing about 6 obols from the 22 that should have been collected.

    It requires no multitasking at all or you can lose a significant chunk of what you've earned.
  • I just hit 2 Trick-or-Treaters together and only got Obels for 1 of them.
    As for the bag, it only seems to fail on the first try (but I could be wrong).
    At least we're getting Obels from Big Monsters occasionally.
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