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Crazy iguana lady's swamp?

Help, I just purchased the crazy lizard lady and I got her, the house, the lizard skin, but not the swamp. It is not in my inventory and I just can't find it. Somewhat pissed because I bought extra donuts to afford it.

Anyone else who has this problem? Should I contact EA for help?


  • If you did not previously have crazy cat lady you do not get the swamp. Your bundle was crazy cat lady plus the skin (no swamp).

    If you already had her your bundle would have the skin plus the swamp and the swamp should be in your inventorary (somewhere). If not then yes contact EA.

    The only way to get the swamp if you did not already have her was to buy crazy cat lady (non bundle @ 180 donuts) then get the swamp bundle.
  • Oh, drat then. Well thank you for explaining. I just really wanted the swamp and make a little hallowen swamp with caves and pumkinpatches etc.

    I just make the best of it then.
  • I had her before and it gave me the swamp anyway. What are people talking about???
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  • 1pillform wrote: »
    I had her before and it gave me the swamp anyway. What are people talking about???

    You only get the swamp if you already had her.

    I'm hoping they release the swamp separately, I like the look of it
  • Yeah, I didn't have her before, so I didn't get the swamp. I'd like the opportunity to get several swamps.
  • Same here, got CCL for the first time in the bundle, so I got her, CIL skin and no swamp. Looked for it for hours before the other thread about it hit forum cuz it said swamp (least I thought it did)
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