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Second Monorail Tunnel?

How do I get a second Monorail tunnel. I have my monorail entering Springfield Heights but no way to get it out again. :(


  • Just keep playing and do the railyard tasks every week, you will eventually get a second tunnel.
  • Same way you got the first one, keep completing the weekly prize and you'll get it.
  • Got it. It's just a random reward after a random number of weeks. I gave up building as I had what I need but don't mind starting up again though hate to grind track when an event is tying up key players. When focused and not in an event I can usually finish a week of rail by Friday and load every resource up to max. Not so much now. :(
  • It's not a random number. You'll get it either 5 or 6 weeks after the first, sorry I can't remember which it is at the moment.
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  • Not a random reward at all. It comes after a set amount of weeks.

    And you only have to grind if you want monorail rewards super quick- they're not time limited so you could build them up all week or wait until after an event to grind a few weeks' worth out. I know most of the plastic recyclers have THOH tasks but I've never struggled to put my recycling out on time :#
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