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What have you done with... Orphan Alley?

I thought it would never look right anywhere in my town with how odd and unfinished it looks compared to almost everything else, so... I fixed it to actually make it look usable in my town. Tell me what you think and post up your designs



  • Turkey1010
    2653 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    I like it, looks good!!! it definitely looks like a seedy area of town, with the strop club, fire escape , old itchy tower and all.. but a part of town, not out of place at all.

    This is what i did:

    Nothing special just put it over in the back with some junk lol
  • Turkey1010
    2653 posts Member
    edited October 2016
  • Well done you guys. I didn't like how thin the buildings looked so I added mine with my movie studio as a film set.
    BulldogMom23 in Crawl to the Finish
  • Here's mine
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