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Bad Dream House vs. Zombie Sandwich

Hey there,

Just looking for some opinions here. If one was to spend one's hard earned donuts, what would you recommend as the better deal, the bad dream house or the zombie sandwich?

Hope I can get some solid advice.


  • i think most would say zombie sandwich, of course if you wouldnt ever use it (i.e. send on zombie task) then no use for it. there are some characters coming out in act 3 for 100 donuts too
  • The Bad Dream House by itself or in the bundle with the cemetery and raven? That might change opinions.
  • cdepast
    2462 posts Member
    Get both. One is one of the best buildings in the game. The others one of the best items ever released.
  • The bad dreamhouse is regularly available. It wouldn't surprise me if the Zombie Sandwich wil not return.
  • Title sounds like a bad movie I'd might watch (drunk)
  • AARONRTD wrote: »
    Title sounds like a bad movie I'd might watch (drunk)
  • AARONRTD wrote: »
    Title sounds like a bad movie I'd might watch (drunk)
    From the producers who brought you Sharknado. Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, comes Bad Dream House vs. Zombie Sandwich!
  • The Bad Dream House will continue to earn money after the event. And it will get animated if you have the right characters. The animation is pretty cool. The zombie sandwich will give you a 1 hour premium task for a bunch of characters and they can all be on it at the same time. Are zombies only for Halloween?

    I already had the Bad Dream House, so the Zombie Sandwich was a no-brainer for me. Awesome premium item.
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