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Shinning hotel bundle vs House on Scary Hill

HELP!!! I want the Shinning Hotel or the House on Scary hill because MAG points, plus the Hotel has the maze which has a % bonus. Does the House on Scary Hill have a % bonus? 805 MAG points for 90 donuts or 605 MAG points for a hotel AND % bonus for 110 donuts?? What's better??


  • Yay I see the mods abused their authority once again by removing all my messages and making all my posts invisible. Too funny. Time to contact EA - unreal. I also love how they allow LP to post information re: upcoming content that violates the rules. Get a life - most of you have kids and this is what you do? LOL!
  • The Shinning bundle is the one with the bonus. If its MAG points you need just remember that Act 3 is 2 days away and you should get plenty more from those prizes.
  • I know the Shinning bundle has a bonus, I said that. I want to know if the House on Scary Hill does too and if not, is the extra 20 donuts worth it for the bonus? How much is the bonus, anyway?
  • House on Scary Hill doesn't have a bonus. I think this decision depends on how much you like each design and where they will fit into your town. But if your goal is purely getting your %bonus up, there are better options out there.
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