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Halloween costumes

Do we get to keep the Halloween costume for Bart Millhouse etc when the event is over? This is my first Halloween event and I was just wondering.


  • No, they'll go away once the event ends.
  • No, they'll go away once the event ends.

    Not if you have the Nightmare Pile decoration where you can send the kids on 4hr Trick-or-Treat jobs. Except you can only send one at a time. Hopefully this is patched soon where it lets you send all the kids at the same time like the Zombie Sandwich. Same thing should apply for the Moonbounce
  • Can't with the moonbounce, for liability reasons. One kid at a time to prevent bumped heads. The trampoline on the other hand... Hey, do we have one of those in the game?
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  • Thanks for your assistance deeply appreciated.
    Have a happy Halloween
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