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lost progress & flakey payouts

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edited October 2016

This morning, I played for two hours. I visited friends and Krustyland, so I know I synchronized at least once. But when I opened the game just now, all changed and collections I made, were lost.

Is anyone else having problems like this?


  • Again. This morning, 11/5 lost all progress from 4AM (EST) to 7:30 AM.

    The game just dump out to the Android launcher screen, and everything I had done had been reversed. I got the same daily challenge, and all of the monsters were in exactly the same starting positions.

    The galling thing about this is that if I spend a donut, it gets reported to the servers immediately, but regular progress isn't being reported. And I know the game is monitoring my internet connection. If my WiFi goes out the game stops working.
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