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Booberella,,Nightmare Willy, Gravedigger Willy in the store.



  • Cash on reoffer, apparently. The question is if they'll do cash with brand new items ever again (that aren't bushes or pumpkins).
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  • I like how there was an npc who went for cash. They should do that more often. I remember during certain event, couldnt tell you which one although it was a certain time last year, where the lincoln memorial and the liberty bell came out and they were for 100,000 and 50,000 respectively. They do not put things in the game like those things much anymore (although i think they recently came out for independence day). I also remember buying the stonecutter daycare center during the maggie event.

    They offered the liberty bell, Lincoln and American flags for cash on the 4th of July this year.

    Each event the to have a few minor items for cash. Superheros was the Burns bat signal and the red phone booth. I cant remember what it was during the robot event though.
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