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Need Help w/ Construction Yard

Not sure if I'm missing something...

I have 8460/6410 MAG points and yet my Construction Yard is only at Level 13 with 225/630.

I thought level progression was driven by MAG points, however, I've received MAG points from purchases and prizes and not seen the level move. I've crafted the max items that reward MAG points and only see the OBOL spend as an option to level up.

Am I bugged and need to go the support route?


  • The level of your construction yard is increased by the Obols you spend there, not by MAV. Go ahead and craft a few items from the crafting menu and your level will increase.

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  • Snakeyees
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    when you craft things to earn mag points only certain items will give them and each item has a limit I.E you can only craft 8 fence pieces for mag points anything after that will not give them, still when you craft over the 8 item limit you progress your construction bar at the top.

    If you look at the crafting window you will see a green bar at the top, this represents how many obols you need to spend to upgrade the construction yard one level, you can just upgrade the construction yard by directly spending olbs but if you do this you don't get any prizes. Its better to spend the olbs on the items you want this in turn will upgrade your construction yard.

    I.E I have played this game for 4 years and I had most of the items that were offered for crafting so to upgrade my construction yard I bought A ton of fence items but stayed away from the spooky house, ETC.
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