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Not enough Obols

I've played this event diligently (I got all Act 2 prizes with 4 days left) and hit the bonus donuts 4 times after. I don't think I'll have enough Obols for the shipwreck.

I currently need 1,665 more for it. 665 to upgrade to level 15, and 1000 to get the prize.

The only way I can get Obols now are the second large pack from the prize track and the 200 from the MAG rewards. And of the course the ones that drop from the rat monster things. I've noticed that even though I get 4 Obols per drop now, the drops have become SIGNIFICANTLY less than than the previous Acts.

I seriously don't think I'll have enough for the Shipwreck by the end of the event.


  • All of the daily challenges have been event related so sometimes you get obels, i'm doing one right now that I defeat 6 monsters and get 120 obels so it will work out for ya in the end i'm pretty sure.
  • Don't forget you also get obols from the trick-or-treaters. You can get close to 100 per day from them (more if you have premium kids).
  • And two of the stage 3 rewards are large obol packs.

    But yes, it's been tough to compile them.
  • That shipwreck is one of the most overpriced (for the effort to get it) and underwhelming items ever released. Not a big deal if you don't get it, instead focus on other decorations you could use more of.
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  • The obols have been the frustrating aspect. I'm tossing and turning on the ship cuz I really want a lot more decorations then I'm gonna be able to get. I NEED MORE BATS!!! :p:p:p
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  • There's what, about 10 days of the event left? You'll get 450 obols from the Act 3 prize and 200 obols from the MAG prize. That leaves you with 1,015 obols to earn from tasks (assuming you get none from daily task completion).

    102 obols a day will be easy for you. Just sending 10 kids trick or treating 3 times a day gets you 60. 11 rat things dropping an obol gives you the other 44. Don't freak out, you'll be grand.
  • Just bought a load of fencing and upgraded to level 15. 1000 obols to go for the Shipwreck. I think from here the Obols and the Mag points will take care of each other (as I collect the act 3 prizes)
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  • I'm 47 obols away from the shipwreck. Wow! They really know how to drag it out! Anyone else feel like we're being punished for the wailing walls glitch from last year?
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