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270 donuts - suggestions on what to buy from this list



  • My suggestion would be, first, take out anything on your list that's always available. You can get them anytime/all the time and like @civiksi and others have said, go for something that you like. Zombie sandwich is pretty cool, I'm constantly putting all available to task on it, one hour and they look awesome.
    Crazy Iguana Lady is my fave, if you already have crazy cat lady you get the CIL skin and the swamp :) You have some great options.
    I would do the house cleaning tomorrow :p
    No one ever went to their grave saying "I wish I had dusted more" :D>:):D
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • civiksi
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    DOHbeeWan wrote: »
    I have 270 donuts and am looking for opinions on what to buy. Below are the choices I am debating:

    60 mystery jack-o'-lantern (chance of 1 of 8)
    40 Cobblestone Rd.
    150 crazy iguana lady bundle
    100 zombie sandwich (not sure what this is)
    100 Booberella
    75 nightmare Willie
    100 cemetery plot

    160 forgotten grave/Frank Grimes
    120 Jimbo
    85 Arnie Pye
    150 Community Center/Jasper
    85 Rich Texan
    40 Beach Highway

    Plus I could wait for future sales, but think I want to get some Halloween items.

    Any highly recommended items or ones to avoid?

    I would probably take a beach hide away or two. I can't find them so I don't think they are there. So I'd go crazy ig. lady bundle and booberella. You prob wont see booberella for a long time and ig. lady bundle is a deal.
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  • Crazy Iguana Lady Bundle and Booberella are the best picks of the limited time s stuff.

    As for the rest, don't get Arnie Pye he sucks. Even though I personally don't have, some of my neighbours do and his flying helicopter task is really annoying for whenever I want to tap stuff when I visit them

    I wouldn't recommend Jimbo either, his regular price is way too expensive seeing that for a character that is over 100 donuts, he doesn't come with a building.

    For the permanent characters, I would say that your best option would be wait until Black Friday where you may get some rebate deals for them.
  • Since cclady costs 150, I'm guessing he won't be able to get swamp in the bundle? Idk? Just what I heard
  • Out of all the Halloween stuff i'd get cobblestone looks cool and you can use it wherever
  • smohqy
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    Wow, you guys are slacking lately. So disappointed.

    The obvious answer is to buy 270 white fences.
  • For 180 donuts you could buy 3 funzos and have 90 donuts left. Can't have funzos without fun
    But my mum says I'm cool
  • evant13579
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    buy 90% of a whale
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