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Apple customer service: Not excellent to begin with

Summary of complaint logged: I couldn't access my game without being kicked out, I was re-directed here by EA who advised they don't speak to IT about these problems so there was no fix. I was advised to complain to iTunes

Complaint logged with iTunes: October 29th 2012
Response: November 9th 2012
Summary of response: I was advised to try troubleshooting and go back to EA with my complaint

Complaint logged with iTunes: November 10th 2012
Response: November 12th 2012
Summary of response: I was asked if everything was ok and if my complaint was fixed despite my complaint it wasn't
I then sent another email to ask if the emails were even being read.

Resolved: November 15th 2012
Summary of resolution: The iTunes representative who was originally dealing with my email was replaced by her supervisor who issued me with a full refund and 3 rental credits for my trouble. She advised this would be fed back to EA.

EA response due to iTunes complaint: December 23rd 2012


We have noticed that you have put in a complaint concerning your game file for The Simpsons: Tapped Out had been reset. After examining your account we were unable to identify any instance of your account being reset. It is possible that you were logged out of your account and in order to access your game you will simply need to log into your correct origin account.

Steps to do so can be found in the link below:

If this does not fix your problem, please let us know by opening a new ticket at:
With the subject line “Land still reset”

Also we would like to award you a bonus 60 donuts to your account for the length of time it took for us to contact you resolving this issue. Please log in to receive your bonus donuts.

Happy Holidays!

Summary of experience:

I still have 2 cases open with EA since December 26th 2012, that are dealing with Homer bug, and that I never received those donuts they promised. EA have been more swift in there response times but still unable to help.

My original issue of being unable to access my game I resolved myself by deleting all my friends, and putting everything in to inventory, and re-install. I still have stability issues and The new Homer bug is not worrying but a sign this game is riddled with problems.


  • mellytan
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    Oh this thing. OMG! TERRIBLE is the summary I will give you. I love a good chat and complain anytime. HAHA!

    And Jaffa, I'm gonna 'steal' your template. So neat and organized. I love it!

    EA customer service: Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!

    Summary of complaint logged: I couldn't access my game without being kicked out after the Thanksgiving update. I could see my town for a good 3 seconds before it blacks out and I see my home screen.

    Complaint logged with EA: November 10 2012
    Response: November 10 2012

    Summary of response: They got my name wrong. They called me Daniel and I'm clearly a girl okay. I was advised to try troubleshooting and go back to EA with my complaint even though I clearly mentioned that I've already done them.

    November 15 2012
    EA: And I quote "Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.

    It's sad that you are experiencing game crash issue after game update. Being an avid game player myself, I can understand how disappointing it can be. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the issue. Since our experts are already working on this, I assure you, soon we would have the issue resolved."

    Me: I basically told them off and asked them to read their mails before telling me to troubleshoot again.

    November 16 2012

    EA: I quote "It's sad that you are still experiencing same issue. As we have tried basic troubleshoot and issue persist so I want to get you an effective resolution. For that, I am going to escalate this issue to higher department. Our senior team is well equipped to handle such issues and I’m confident we’ll solve the issue and suggest alternatives.

    Due to a back log of contacts, the current estimated time for response is 12-14 days. I apologize for the lengthy response time, and we are working diligently to return to an acceptable level of response time. During this time, you may still update your case with additional information that might help us to resolve your issue without causing any additional delay.

    It was never our intention to disappoint you. Electronic Arts values you and promises to get the matter sorted. You may visit our extensive knowledge base online: http://help.ea.com/"

    Me: Told them I was desperate to get the game up and going. LOL.

    November 20 2012
    I emailed them again to ask them if anything was solved and I got no response at all.

    In the end, EA pushed another update out to resolve this issue because it was affecting a lot of people. I finally got the game working and I did email them again to thank them for the update.

    January 18 2013
    They emailed me again asking me to troubleshoot again when clearly the game is working for me already.

    Summary of experience: I don't get it. WTH MAN. Can't you tell that my game is up and running for me already? They said that they'll get back to me in 12-14 days, that did not happen. Now, I know if I want anything, I'll just get a refund from itunes and start all over again. It's better than having to deal with EA.
  • dougschoemer
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    I got another email from EA this morning:

    Hi, Doug

    Again thank you so much for your paitence and I'm sorry about this inconvenience. I have provided you with the rest of our articles as far this app.
    I will also escalate this case to our excerpt for further assistance.
    Again thank you,
    Alan M.
    Electronic Arts

    This relates to my game continuing to crash after 3-5 minutes open. I find the misspellings kind of endearing, but I have no idea what "articles" Alan M is referring to, since there were no links or attachments in the message.

    I am getting good response time from EA, but those responses have been zero help. I refuse to put stuff in inventory, and to stick it to the man (and myself) even more I spent over a million bucks today buying the last 13 squares of land I didn't own. So now I have a full 13 x 13 grid with tons of stuff in it. With the 40+ characters I have, I can usually assign them jobs over the course of 2-3 game logins. I love this game and badly want it to work and wish EA would figure out what the problem is. The game is in a somewhat boring period of stasis, and if I were EA I'd worry that people will bail, especially if some hot new game comes out.
  • evatita
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    Need some help. I've been playing the Simpsons tapped out for a couple of months. Since then I 've being buying donuts and having fun with the game. What I am concern is that is the second time the screen freezes and don't let me continue playing. The first time I deleted the game from my iPad and uploaded latter, it worked. The problem is that it took almost a day to do this and I am a frequent daily player. Help me what should I do to solve this problem.
  • SamCarterX206
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    You forgot Google Play for Android...
  • zerudaa134
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    I tried to contact EA because of a purchase of 300 donuts I never received. I think I wrote to them five times using both the email in the purchase confirmation (which says "questions? Contact Electronic Arts.. (link)" ) and also EAs site where I used the "contact game advisor" service according to some advice I read at answers.ea.com.

    I didn't even get a reply. Not once. Not from anyone. This stinky company took my money and they don't even have a support.

    I won't spend my money on them again, that's for sure. They're not trustworthy. If they want me to spend money on donuts they have to do better.
  • swdonnelly84
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    This is me, being the change I want to see in the board!

    That made me laugh.
  • cdepast
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    I just posted this in another forum. Hope it helps http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/120/9846612.page
  • aValIs4NU
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    This game is at a point where the monorail track allocations are completely absurd! I have over 100 curved pieces and 100 transition pieces and 50 half-straight sections. I NEED THE FULL STRAIGHT PIECES!!!! Why do you keep giving me useless track pieces after I work so hard to obtain them? What am I supposed to do with 100 curved pieces? Make 25 circles??? Lol In fact, one of my monorail straight section runs is made of 100% Half-Straight pieces because that's all you would give me! C'mon! Loosen up with the Full straight tracks!! Is that really asking too much?
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