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TSTO icons on iOS Home and lock screen?

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After updating my iPhone 6S+ with the iOS 10, I started to notice some strange icons that I hadn't seen before. On my lock screen, in the lower left corner I see a icon for TSTO. If I swipe up on it, the game opens without even unlocking the phone. Also, when I double tap the home button to view open apps, I see another icon across the whole bottom of the screen for TSTO. Again, tapping or swiping up opens the game. This is the only app I have that is doing this and I can't seem to find any settings in the game or on the phone to disable these. Has anyone else noticed these and is there a way to turn it off? Below is a picture of what I'm talking about (image edited to reduce size). Top is the locked screen image and bottom is the double tap home image.



  • Try updating to iOS 10.1.1
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  • I have. What's odd now is that sometimes the icons are not there. Other times, they are. Can't figure out what setting this is. Someone mentioned that it was "handoff" to quickly transfer from one device to another. I do have a iPad as well but it is usually powered off. However, I've got "handoff" turned off on the phone so I'm still lost.
  • Time to call the Apple techs. Personally, I'm not happy with much of the 10 updates. Seems they complicated something that was simple. On my iPad instead of a simple swipe or double click, I'm wearing out the home button, having to click it up to a dozen times to bring up the app I want to swipe. Annoying beyond decent words.
    DeesToonTown in Crawl to the Finish #The Grumple Is Free!
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