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corn ready tomorrow

My corn will be ready tomorrow (possibly earlier with witch Marge's speed up crops task :) )
We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!


  • 7 days until mine is ready! When I made my return to the game, that was the first thing I did lol
  • Which Marge is awesome. Mine was supposed to be ready on Christmas, but she's speeding it up.
  • corn is the least cash/time, but the most fun/click after waiting months. i dont do it only because i sometimes have to store the farm to free up cletus and you lose your crop. i usually just do 24 hours.
  • I started doing it because I never remember to plant a crop whem I'm making my rounds. Sometimes I would literally go weeks without a crop.
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  • Mine finished today and I missed seeing it (Game 1). I messed up a couple of weeks ago in my #2 game and stored the farm to free Cletus without thinking.
  • How long does corn usually take.....how fast with Marge? On the fence about witch marge.....probably won't get her
  • think corn is 90 days, Witch Marge speeds up crop. Her task to speed up crop cuts the growing time in half but you have to reset task every 4 hr to grow corn in 45 days. example is that i use her to grow tomacco which is a 30 min. task but is cut to 15 min.
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  • My corn has finished growing. I've just started another lot of corn
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • Mine is a couple of days xp collider is on and somthing like 550ish %
  • mine has 25 days left
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  • Mine is due on Christmas
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