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Complete Redo

Good Luck on the re-do, I look forward to seeing the results.



  • josh4908
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    edited January 2013
    Best of luck
  • XBL-Heretic
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    edited January 2013
    Audiobrain wrote:
    Do not worry, the pink floyd hedge will still have a home, but it will be down for a while as well.

    NNNNOOOOOOooooooooo NNOOoooo Noooo... (Crawls to corner and quietly sobs)

    As you may have guessed, I'll miss the Floyd hedge :) Good luck on the redesign! I'm working through my redesign in fits and starts. I thought I had all my ducks in a row before I started, but turns out the little waddling b.astards went off in their own directions...
  • imfkool
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    edited January 2013
    Good luck!

  • NeoSEC28
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    edited January 2013
    Hope all goes to plan and doesnt take too long bud :) Looking forward to seeing the new all singing town ;):mrgreen:
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