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Executive Lackey Pt.8 GLITCH

Both Smithers and Burns need to be free at the same time before you can start this task. You'll see why once you do it.


  • petergeenen
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    edited January 2013
    Try storing Burns Mansion and/or the power plant, and then replace them. See if that helps.
    And to use pictures and links, you need to be upgraded to level two.
  • coffret_do
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    edited January 2013
    Or try and have everyone free at the same time. Sometimes that helps.

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  • bagndrag420
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    You need to be promoted to be able to post pics
  • itsmedanshep
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    fanqmon wrote:
    Ok so for this part of the game you have to make Smithers exercise for Mr.Burns.


    When you try to tell Smithers to exercise its locked and says 'Required: Mr.Burns'


    And as you can i see i unlocked have Mr.Burns. in fact you have to unlock Mr.Burns to get to this point in the game.


    I tried restarted my phone and deleting the app and reinstalling it but nothing seems to help. So Simpsons Tapped Out peoples


    edit: did the images really not load :? they did in preview. well i posted the images as links too
    edit edit: really? the links dont work either . REally? simpson tapped out forum ****

    Just reposting the pics
  • dischia
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    edited February 2013
    Try sending Mr. Burns to a short task (fire random employee) and make sure Smithers is free.
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