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The Most Dangerous Game: Premium Walkthrough

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Man VS Wilderness Pt. 1

Grant Connor starts

Lisa: Mister Connor, what brings you to Springfield? I ask everyone who comes here that, hoping they see something redeeming I don't.
Grant Connor: Your town's in the migratory path of many of nature's most delicious species. Plus, the tire fire makes them dizzy and easy to shoot. And full of smoky flavor. It's a gun-toting gourmand's dream.
Lisa: You know, the local grocery store sells lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. In case you were considering taking a little break from murder.
Grant Connor: Pass. I only eat what I shoot. Even on my birthday, I blast cake all over the walls. A pain to clean up, but a man needs to live by principles.

Task: Make Grant Connor Shop for Hunting Supplies
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Hunting Supplies
Task: Make Grant Connor Make a Snack
Time: 1h

Grant Connor: The beak doesn't usually go down that rough. Chest... tightening. Breath... shortening.
Lisa: Oh no! Mr. Connor, I think you're having a heart attack!
Nelson: Haw-haw!
Grant Connor: But I'm only half-done. Please… apply plastic wrap and… put in fridge.

Man VS Wilderness Pt. 2

Grant Connor starts

Dr. Hibbert: You're dying. By getting right to the point like that, I can help an extra three patients a day. Or help myself get to golf earlier. Hehehe, I've been playing a lot of golf. Anyway, you need to stop eating meat.
Grant Connor: No way. I never feel more alive than when I'm eating something dead.
Dr. Hibbert: Your diet is costing you your life. And that's on top of what you're spending on steak sauce a month.
Grant Connor: Maybe you're right, Doc. Maybe it is time for a change. I'm gonna think about it over a piece of antler jerky.

Task: Reach Level 24 and Build Springfield General Hospital
Task: Make Grant Connor Contemplate Life Without Meat
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield General Hospital

Man VS Wilderness Pt. 3

Grant Connor starts

Grant Connor: It seems me killing and eating meat is killing me as well. I respect that meat is a worthy opponent.
Lisa: You know, most of the animals you hunt only eat vegetables. Why not be like them, except without the nudity. Try some carrots.
Grant Connor: Not bad. Crunchy like a baby kangaroo. Where'd you find them?
Lisa: I picked them fresh from Cletus' farm this morning.
Grant Connor: Fresh, eh? Sounds like hunting. And I can mount the leafy green part over my fireplace. I'm in!

Task: Make Grant Connor Hunt Vegetables
Time: 8h
Location: Cletus's Farm

Grant Connor: I guess I can live without meat by hunting veggies. It wasn't the protein I craved, just the gunplay.
Lisa: Yeah, we'll work on that next.

Robot Rescue Pt. 1

C.H.U.M. starts

Martin: Lisa, I've had an epiphany after being paired with teacher in the “buddy system” on our recent field trip. Our weak hand-holding crossing the road suggested that teacher was, in fact, not my “buddy”.
Lisa: That's not much of an epiphany. Everyone laughed at you and called you a loser. Even sadly and unprofessionally, the teacher.
Martin: The same thing happened to Steve Jobs. But like him, my genius has trumped my mockery. I present... The Childlike Humanoid Urban Muchacho, or as he's known to me, his creator and permanent buddy: C.H.U.M!
C.H.U.M.: Please don't call me that. At least not around other robots.
Martin: See, his “banter” function is working perfectly! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm about to set him to “frolic". And we're off!
Lisa: *sigh* That poor robot.

Task: Reach Level 12 and Unlock Martin
Task: Make Lisa Think of a Way to Help C.H.U.M.
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Force C.H.U.M. to Frolic with Martin
Time: 12h
Requires: Martin

Lisa: Professor, is it possible for robots to feel emotion?
Professor Frink: I believe it is, contrary to the cold shoulder I'm getting from the female voice in my car's GPS.
Lisa: The car's German. Give it time. Now, I've got some robot suffering to lessen.

Robot Rescue Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Lisa: I've heard there's a way to help robots in trouble, but it's a well-kept secret.
Bart: That sounds like an awesome movie. Maybe the robot kills and burns everyone around it. That could be the first minute and then it could build from there.
Lisa: I'm glad you're excited about this. Can I count on you to help?
Bart: Okay, but I'm not doing it to help you, I'm doing it to hurt Martin.
Lisa: Six of one. Now come on -- we can start by making contact with another local robot.
Bart: Whoa, the new Yard Work Simulator! I'm gonna get the raking leaves high score!

Task: Make Lisa Put Her Plan Into Action
Time: 3h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Bart Get Distracted by Yard Work Simulator
Time: 4h
Location: Yard Work Simulator

Robot Rescue Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Lisa: Okay, everything is set. The Yard Work Simulator has contacted every robot from here to West Shelbyville. They will get C.H.U.M. to a place where he can be happy.
Bart: Wouldn't it be easier to just pour water on him so he can short-circuit? Easier and way cooler to watch!
Lisa: No Bart, he deserves happiness and should enjoy a long life. At least until the C.H.U.M. two-point-oh comes out and he's stuck in a closet somewhere.

Task: Make C.H.U.M. do the Robot
Time: 4h

Martin: Lisa, have you seen C.H.U.M.? I planned a big day for us folding pocket squares, steeping tea, a gentle poetry jam…
Lisa: Uh no, I haven't seen him. Did he say anything to you?
Martin: He just sent me an email saying “As much misery as I felt, I now feel twice as much joy”. What ever could that mean?
Lisa: I have no idea, but isn't it enough for you that wherever he is, he's happy?
Martin: No! I had to sit by myself on the bus today. I have a mirror next to my bed so I can pretend I have a friend sleeping over. I'm back to being alone and even I don't enjoy my company!
Lisa: I'm sorry, but finding friends for nerds is way harder than friends for robots.
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    The Purge... of High Prices! (Day1)

    Auto starts on November 25th

    Marge: What's that rumbling? Homer, are you brewing your own booze again?
    Homer: Not yet, but I soon will be because it's Black Friday: the day people riot for meager savings. Even on home brewing kits.
    Lisa: Oh, no! That means...

    Gil starts

    Gil: Ol' Gil's back with more stuff than he can fit in his cardboard box slash house slash office slash fire hazard!
    Lisa: How can you be a part of a capitalist practice that gets rowdy enough to have its own death count?
    Gil: There's very few deaths, just lots of light trampling. And if someone dies, I'm at their funeral, pocketing cheese cubes like there's no tomorrow.


    Offer accepted
    Gil: Thanks, crafty consumer! What better way to be thankful, than to have more THINGS to be thankful for! Materialism's the best… I've heard.

    Offer declined
    Gil: Oh, it's just like the old Black Fridays, when they'd lay me off before the paychecks were cut. They said I wasn't worth the envelope.

    The Purge... of High Prices! (Day2)

    Gil starts on November 26th

    Gil: Ol' Gil's here to fan the flames with riot-provoking prices on things he can't afford!
    Lisa: Black Friday exploits the desperation of the ninety-nine percent, making them scrap and fight for discounts of ten percent. Like everything, this is about injustice and math.
    Gil: Not today. I'm offering bargain basement prices! I got the idea because I once lived in a basement. Whenever it flooded or the radiator boiled over, I got myself a free bath!

    Offer accepted:
    Gil: No better way to stick it to those fat cats than having Gil join their social elite. Speaking of, my Thanksgiving dinner last year was a fat cat.
    Gil: Tasted horrible.

    Offer declined:
    Gil: But if you don't spend money, Big Business wins! More importantly, Gil loses!

    The Purge... of High Prices! (Day3)

    Gil starts on November 27th

    Gil: It's Black Friday and ol' Gil is pulling out all the stops! Everything must go! Prices are being evicted just like I've been!
    Marge: This sale has gotten out of hand. I don't feel safe leaving my own home.
    Gil: Then oh boy, has Gil got the solution for you: arms and armaments, priced as low as your kids' allowance!

    Offer accepted:
    Gil: Nothing says "keep off the grass" like a weapon of mass destruction!

    Offer declined:
    Gil: Don't blame me the next time you incite an angry mob and have no way of fending them off.
    Gil: That's how I lost my bindle. And my kidney.

    Domo Arigato

    Auto starts on November 28th

    Marge: Well, we survived another Black Friday unscathed.
    Homer: I got a little scathed.
    Lisa: Uh... aren't you guys forgetting something?

    Gil starts

    Gil: It's Cyber Monday! Because the one thing Black Friday needed was more of it!
    Marge: Haven't you done enough? This rampant consumerism has alienated us from all our friends. Or in my case, acquaintances.
    Gil: Who needs friends, when ol' Gil is selling the Friend two-point-oh! He's a companion, butler and paperweight, all rolled into one.


    Offer accepted:
    Gil: You won't be sorry. When the robot apocalypse comes, you'll have a man on the inside!

    Offer declined:
    Gil: Fine, who needs you! Gil will keep this little buddy for himself. You an' me will be inseparable, ol' chum.
    C.H.U.M.: I'm not supposed to be here. Please reconsider. And shower.
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