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Now For Something Positive

It seems there have been people complaining about not getting enough free/discounted stuff, like the game owes us something. Not this guy though! I just got the easiest 6 donuts ever! Harvest Tomacco! Sure beats the collect 80 furniture I got from yesterday's daily challenge!
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  • There are even easier ones than that. I've gotten 6 donuts for doing things like growing Perfection, collecting income from buildings, and completing character tasks (nothing specific, just ANY task).
  • NaPaSmell wrote: »
    My best outcome:

    For 6 donuts, play the balloon game. While playing I got the 5 donut bonus. Then, I finished the 15/15 challenges for 10 donuts. 2 minutes of work, 21 donuts. Pretty sexy

    I did that once only I got a mystery box instead that had 30 donuts in it.
  • Just got 6donuts by collecting 40 furniture :)
  • I guess I'm not on the forums as much as I used to be, because I thought these last few months have been exceptionally positive. Almost no negative threads. I don't know how long you've been reading these forums but, man, we've had some NEGATIVE periods.
    To be fair, some of the complaining has actually paid off in changes that EA has made that benefit us all, such as: a 'send all button', a design tool, more land, different types of ground cover, etc.

    So we shouldn't lament ALL of the negative talk around here (not that OP was).
  • We had a recent "what's you're latest daily challenge" which was a very positive thread....and recent. Just go on with your good self...but no need to look down on the down stuff. :)

    I have 6 donuts coming from sending Burns on an 8h task. I am pleased.
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