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CG: Election - Sign Up

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CG: Election

Game Leader: Barry
Number of Players: 12-20
Game Type: Insanely stupid and probably filled with logical fallacies Experimental


Neo lounged across his couch as he did every evening, a beer in one hand, his tablet in the other. His thumb moved methodically over the screen, tapping each topic, reading each post, groaning at every pernickety complaint (and occasionally pressing the ‘ban’ button). He heard his front door creak open and felt content, knowing his wife had arrived home, and called out, "Hi honey," but to no reply. He shrugged his shoulders and drained the last sip of his beer, shook the can to make sure no drop went without passing through his lips, and begrudgingly set his tablet on the coffee table and headed to the kitchen to get another.

After pushing on the already open door, he approached the fridge, which was curiously lying open. Thinking nothing of it, he reached into the salad drawer and yanked another can out of the six-pack. He pulled the door shut and turned back towards the living room, completely oblivious to the masked figure behind him, with a serrated knife from Neo’s knife-holder in a gloved hand. As Neo strolled out of the kitchen, he did not see the blade hanging ominously above his shoulder until it was brought down and carved into the bone, like he was just a piece of meat. Neo’s unconscious body slumped across the threshold of the living room, and blood spewed and spurted hitting Neo’s empty beer can and his tablet among other things. The masked assailant stroked the blood off of the screen, and looked at Off Topic. They scanned their eyes down the list of recent posters, and could only imagine the fraction of them that would be alive at the end of the next fortnight. Neo twitched and the perpetrator examined the body; they knew Neo would not make it.

The next morning, Barry sat down at his kitchen table and unfolded his morning papers, only to be shocked and frightened at the seemingly unconnected murders happening all over the world. Brisbane, Pittsburgh, England, and more. Geographically, unremarkable. But then as he read on, the theme became more apparent. All were brutally butchered in their own homes, and all were Moderators on The Simpsons: Tapped Out forums.

Tribute after tribute began to pour out over the board, and across the internet. The leaders of their community were gone. Who would step up?

Day and Voting
At the end of the day, the player with the most votes will NOT be lynched. Instead, they are elected into 'office', for a one-day term. This means that the player who is 'elected' will, on their own, choose who should die that day. So instead of voting for the villains, you have to find an innocent (who in turn has to find the villains). However, with this new system, restrictions are necessary, and as such, a player cannot be re-elected into office until at least two other players have held it. For example, should you be elected on day 1, you can only be re-elected as early as day 4.

Days last 24 hours (48 over the weekend), starting and ending at a set time that I have not allocated yet, as I want to try to suit as many players as possible. Voting is done by ++name (my only voting conditions are that you place your votes with a '++' in front of them, as I use Ctrl+F to find them. If your vote does not have '++' it will more than likely not be found). Name abbreviations are allowed, within reason. (i.e. ++barry instead of barrymcerlea) Edits to posts containing votes are allowed up to ten (10) minutes after the time of the initial post. Votes may not be for yourself. If voting is tied, players will be listed in the order in which s/he received the current number of votes, based only upon the currently tallied votes (i.e. if you remove your vote for a player, it is as if your previous vote never existed).

The Night
Nights will start as the day ends, and it is a time of silence. It lasts 24 hours. All special characters should send their night targets as soon as possible. Two targets are given: the first is the actual target and the second the backup target. If no actual target or backup target is available, the measures taken depend on the role.

Absences and Inactivity
Players that have not voted in two consecutive days are dropped from the game, as this is to fail to complete a 'forced vote'. Replacement players are then used, but if one is not found, the player is killed the next morning. Announced absences are an exception to forced votes. For example, if a player has not voted on Day 1 and is absent on Day 2, s/he has to vote on Day 3 or s/he is dropped. Announced absence protects for a maximum of one day for forced votes. It does not protect from the votes of other players.

Characters are derived from the players who sign up. Anyone who played Jae's "Conspiracies Suck" game, or my "Infection" game will be familiar with this format. So if "Jae" signs up as a player, her character in the story could be Steph, Johnny, Sue, Wilki etc. etc.

As this is a hidden role list game, the names are natures of the roles are unknown and will be revealed in due course.

1. The Innocents will win when both villains teams are killed.
2. The Villains (Team 1) will win when they have killed The Other Villains and when two or fewer Innocents remain.
3. The Other Villains (Team 2) will win when they have killed The Villains and when two or fewer Innocents remain.

Other Important Things
Do not tell your role to anybody privately so you can "team up". If something like this happens, you will be kicked out and banned from any future conspiracy games. This kind of behaviour must be reported to the game leader immediately.

Do not try to sabotage the game. For an example, contacting someone with private message and trying to make them vote someone else instead of you is completely forbidden and will cause a ban in any future conspiracy games.

You cannot copy & paste or share any info of your private messages. If you do this you will be dropped from the game.

You may not share your role in the thread. You may hint at it, but you should do so with caution, and only as a last resort.

If a player hasn't woken up for the day, you can give the player wake up vote. A wake up vote doesn't mean anything, and you don't even have to have suspicions. It will just force the 'sleeping' player to 'wake up'. Once the player has woken up, the vote can be removed, although you are allowed to keep it there.

When you are dead, you are dead. Please do not contribute to the conversation unless it is off-topic & not game related (i.e. ghost GIFs or random chit-chat akin to that of the night time thread).

Conspiracy games are difficult to understand, so don’t be shy to PM me your questions or ask them on the thread!

If you find yourself getting overly frustrated or angry, (sing along with me) “just repeat to yourself: it’s just a game, I should really just relax.” Then watch a few tiny hamster videos.

Players: 11/?

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  • barrymcerlea
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    edited December 2016
    When signing up, please also state whether you would like the game to be held at the board Sakura made (used for the past three CGs), or here. If it is held here, there will be no DMP.

    Edit: I had time to get this out early because I'm at home with the flu. If there are any obvious, gaping plot holes or clear bias to either villains/innocents in the new system, that would be why. :D
  • LawrenceCohen1
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    edited December 2016
    Sounds wild.
    Can I play pretty please?

    Edit: get well soon B and I'd rather play at Kitty's house. DMP is sooooo much fun!
  • Turkey1010
    2665 posts Member
    edited December 2016
    Im in and i adore the other site we use. It's so much more fun. .

    Feel better barry! Stay hydrated and sleep, a lot!
  • i dont know...apparently work has decided im going to be the main Prep person, which means hopefully ill be training someone soon too....whens the dead line...
    crawl to the finish ID. socialdisa56
  • We probably won't be starting for at least another two weeks, Rhi, so you've got plenty of time to let me know!

    I figured you would all like Sakura's site better, just making sure!
  • if i do yah it would have to be on Saks site!! for sure!! ill let you know or ill just put myself on the replacement list....
    crawl to the finish ID. socialdisa56
  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    I am in. I also prefer Sakura's site. The new twist is intriguing.
  • I'll play, and I prefer Sakura's site. Thanks Barry! Feel better! :grin:
  • I'm definitely in and think it should be at sakuras board.

    One observation: can the unelected tell the elected person who to vote for? I feel like there should be restrictions on this or people could get found out quite easily
  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    I would think there would be discussions on who are villain just like other games. Whether the elected decides to go with other thoughts or not would be on them. Although it is going to really suck to be the only person responsible, if you kill off an innocent since everybody will know.
  • I'm down. I also vote for the other board.
  • Turkey1010
    2665 posts Member
    edited December 2016
    It is kind of scary to think it only takes one person now to kill us.. no hope in saving yourself really and not much room for pleading for mercy lol so barry-like!

    Im excited though, ive never played one like this
  • Wow this sounds good!! Count me in Barry! And I agree the other board is much better.

    Now get well soon - keep warm, drink lots of fluids, sleep as much as possible and watch loads of crap telly :D
  • I still haven't figured out if I'm a pirate or a ninja :D:D
    DeesToonTown in Crawl to the Finish #The Grumple Is Free!
  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    I still haven't figured out if I'm a pirate or a ninja :D:D

    This time we will be somebody else in the game. I am trying to decide if it would be wrong to kill the person being meinaz, so I don't get confused. :naughty:
  • suetopia
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    edited December 2016
    Hmmm. I'd like to play, but I'm not sure I can commit right now due to holiday stuff going on this month - it's going to be a lot busier/more stressful/more time consuming than I thought it was going to be.

    So at this point in time I'm a maybe. ;)

    EDIT: I forgot to say that I hope you feel better soon! :)

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  • Testing...
    crawl to the finish ID. socialdisa56
  • awesomeness!!
    crawl to the finish ID. socialdisa56
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