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What happened to...?

@brandonl1226 ? I used to speak to him pretty much every day and then a few months ago he just vanished! :/

Does anyone know if he's ok? I don't play the game now so I don't know if he's been logging in or not.


  • suetopia
    4233 posts Member
    edited December 2016
    I haven't seen him post in a long time (not even in GD). I'm not a neighbour of his so I don't know if he's been playing. I hope he is ok too.

    A lot of people have disappeared over the last little while.

  • I hope @brandonl1226 didn't have a run in with a kangaroo.

  • Lol MC that's probably what happened! :D

    Hmm well I hope he's ok. I know he was busy so maybe that's all it is, it's just weird (to me anyway) that he just disappeared completely. :'(
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