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Skinner's 8 hour task

Am I imagining things or did Skinner used to have an 8 hour task? I'd Swear he had one, but it seems to have disappeared. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me and am I crazy?


  • johncolombo
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    I looked it up. They are supposed to be:
    Assault the Bandit Fort
    Drink at Moe's
    I just checked mine and he has both.
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  • Same here still there. I had to check cause I send him on the 6 hour stargaze task overnight as it earns the premium rate which is more then the 8 hour regular task.
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  • Yes, when quests go missing it's usually because certain buildings have been stored.
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  • It's weird though because I haven't stored any buildings. And everyone else is off getting drunk at moe's. I don't know, maybe Skinner has been cut off by Moe...
  • When you finish that part of the quest, his task will return.
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  • Well, I don't know where his job went but after I returned from neighbor visits his drink at Moe's task came back. Odd...
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