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Previously released items now have multiplier

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edited December 2016
After further testing, it appears that the items you obtain via crafting in this event do not have a multiplier. However, any of these items from previous events now contain a multiplier, so it would be wise to remove those from your inventory. The previously owned items and craftable items will appear separately in your inventory, similar to that of last year's Simpson snowmen.

Nevertheless, here is a list of previously released items that now have multipliers:
Fancy Igloo - 0.5%
Giant Outdoor Fireplace - 1.0%
Chicken Coop - 0.5% - 105 Runestones
Windmill - 0.75% - 400 Runestones
Two Story Outhouse - 2.25% - 125 Runestones

Again, note that the craftable Chicken Coop, Windmill, and Two Story Outhouse from this event will not contain a multiplier.
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