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Previously released items now have multiplier



  • Thanks for the info. Thought I was the only one .
  • Seems like with the snowman last year this free craftables contrary to the Premium ones are not multiplier ones
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  • so there are no multiplier craftables? well that totally sucks.
  • meinaz
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    jellypawn wrote: »
    so there are no multiplier craftables? well that totally ****.

    I thought somebody confirmed that crafting the double outhouse has a multiplier. It is actually very rare that we are able to craft things that have multipliers. The multiplier is usually added at a later time.
  • audiomixdon
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    edited December 2016
    Just pulled out and hid 9 outhouses around my town, for a 20% increase!
  • thejanik3
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    edited December 2016
    Thanks everyone for the info! As I stated before, I had no factual evidence that the craftable items would have a multiplier, so I am glad that this was verified; however, I'm obviously disappointed that the "new" items do not have a multiplier because that would have made this event more fun :wink: I've updated the thread content to parallel these findings.
  • This is copied from a post in LPN's 'What changed....' thread:
    KillaSqirl wrote: »
    oubouncer wrote: »
    In the craftables there's the two story outhouse and the windmill......I wonder if they will also have bonuses. :D

    Some are reporting the chicken coops do not so seems doubtfull

    The chicken coops that I've crafted don't seem to give a bonus anymore, the two story outhouse however does.

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