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Gnome in friends town

Okay what is the trick to finding a gnome in a friends town?


  • The gnome radar points right to it.
  • in a friends town i dont even see the radar there
  • Top right corner of the screen should be the radar. Tap it.
  • Check the top right of the screen. There should be a symbol there for the gnome finder. (If there's no symbol than that person probably hasn't updated yet. Just go to another). Tap that and a little magnifier with a arrow on will appear. Just scroll the screen in the direction the arrow is pointing.
  • Thanks fellow tappers that was the issue several friends weren't updated yet
  • We get prizes for tapping the gnome but does this benefit our neighbor in any way?
  • Speaking of the gnome box, anyone know if it changes the look of the gnome box when you upgrade because I like how it looks and won't update if it changes. Thanks.
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