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Missing pagans in your town

It looks like EA recycled the code from the Halloween event. If you can't find pagans to tap, they are probably just standing there under your house farm, because they spawned there, and they don't have room to move. The stupid beasts from Halloween behaved the same way. At least the beasts had some purple highlights to stand out when you apply the buildings filter, but the pagans are so tiny, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.


  • In my town?
  • Yeah, I was going to post this as well. I have the same problem, but at least you can use the quest DO IT button to track all of them down. Certainly worth mentioning here, for those who may be falling behind because of this.
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  • I have found this to be a problem as well. I REALLY wish EA would use the "zapper" like they did for the last Easter event to zap bunnies for all events that require you to tap people, animals or beasts roaming around the town. Even using edit mode and hiding the buildings and decorations does not help reveal the buggers that are hiding. The towns are just getting too full of items. Only thing that helps find it is when it is a quest and selecting the "do it" button. :(
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