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Which art style do you prefer?


  • simp7fan
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    edited December 2016
    Obviously I prefer the TSTO style. The pixel based art is pleasing as opposed to the CGI style 3D of more "modern" games. Much sharper.
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  • Definitely the TSTO version. I do CD and I've never learned to appreciate the high filters look.
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  • moxxee
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    I like Impressionism.
  • I like Art Ferral. He wrote the first ever book about ice hockey...
  • I like Art Garfunkel brilliant singer.
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  • I prefer surrealism and expressionism.
  • Depends, but my favourite is the Renaissance.

    Though with OP's original questions which is what art style of the following games...I'm not sure. I like how the art in Avengers academy is, but it does tend to be a pain when you try clicking on something like the job board and suddenly it takes you over to someone near the job board instead. For functionality, then TSTO.
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