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Winter 2016: Prizes Walkthrough

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Goat God

Auto starts

Wiggum: Okay Ralphie, we're gonna visit Jack Frost's Ice Garden. Just promise you won't lick the ice statues.
Ralph: Ice is frozen air!
Wiggum: I'm gonna ignore that one. Just promise, ‘kay? No licking.
Ralph: I promise!
Ralph: Look! Yummy ice sculptures!

Task: Place the Ice Goat God Statue
Task: Make Ralph Lick the Goat God Statue
Time: 4h
Location: Goat God Statue

Ralph: Wha wuz I probussing not to do, Daddy?
Wiggum: Nevermind, Ralphie. Nevermind.

$5 Antler Rental Hut

Auto starts

Milhouse: Sorry, Bart. Can't come to the Pagan festival today. I've got zilch to wear!
Bart: What about your sheepskin vest? Or that Viking helmet?
Milhouse: I wore those yesterday. I need to vary my wardrobe, but I just don't have the pieces!
Bart: Dressing like a savage sure is expensive. There's got to be a better way!

Task: Build the $5 Antler Rental Hut
Task: Make Bart Rent Antlers
Time: 4h
Location: $5 Antler Rental
Time: Make Milhouse Rent Antlers
Time: 4h
Location: $5 Antler Rental

Bart: These antlers are SO bad-****!
Milhouse: It's amazing how one accessory can freshen up your whole look!
Lisa: You are aware that for many Pagans, antlers are associated with fertility...
Bart: “Fertility?” That's a health class word! EEEWWWW!
Milhouse: Help! I can't get them off, they're stuck!

Burns Almighty Pt. 1

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Barbarians at the gate, Smithers! Drat, I TOLD Hadrian his precious wall wasn't high enough.
Smithers: It's just the usual gang of idiots, sir. Not barbarians. They're experimenting with Paganism.
Mr. Burns: A new religion, eh? So the God of Abraham finally got the boot. I told him this would happen.
Mr. Burns: Smithers, learn as much as you can about this “Paganism.” Let's see if we can turn this to my advantage...

Task: Make Smithers Research Paganism
Time: 8h
Location: Springfield Library
Task: Make Mr. Burns Dream About Being a God
Time: 8h
Location: Control Building

Mr. Burns: What have you found, Smithers? Report!
Smithers: They're worshipping an eclectic assortment of deities. Loki, Poseidon...
Mr. Burns: Poseidon?! We went to boarding school together. Captain of the water polo team, but not very impressive upstairs.
Smithers: Uh, the Pagans seem to spend most of their time making offerings to the gods.
Mr. Burns: Offerings? I like offerings...

Burns Almighty Pt. 2

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Smithers, if these goat men and witchy women are going to worship anyone, I want it to be me.
Mr. Burns: Make a god of me. Is that so much to ask?
Smithers: What about a 60 foot statue depicting you as an almighty dispenser of justice?
Mr. Burns: Ugh. Justice is really not my bag. But if you think they'll buy it...
Reward: New God Mr. Burns Statue

Task: Place The New God Mr. Burns Statue

Mr. Burns: Smithers? Why don't the people kneel before me?
Smithers: There is, perhaps, a *slight* physical difference between this statue of a muscle-bound Adonis and, uh, you. Sir.
Smithers: I don't think they recognize you.

Burns Almighty Pt. 3

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: We have to transform my body to match this statue, Smithers!
Mr. Burns: I must become the awe-inspiring embodiment of physical might!
Smithers: I'll renew your gym subscription and stock up on whey protein...
Mr. Burns: No gyms! No Schwarzenegger-ian Ferrigno, I.
Mr. Burns: Find another way...

Task: Make Smithers Order a Custom Muscle Suit Online
Time: 4h
Location: Control Building
Task: Make Mr. Burns Wait Impatiently in His Office
Time: 4h
Location: Control Building

Mr. Burns: Is the muscle suit here? Let me see it, man!
Smithers: Not yet, sir. The make-up department from BHO's “Game of Chairs” is hard at work.
Smithers: In related news, there's a rumor online that you've been cast as the Ice Zombie King for Season 7.
Mr. Burns: Bah! I don't watch the show. I'm books-only.

Burns Almighty Pt. 4

Mr. Burns starts

Smithers: Good news sir, we've received your muscle suit!
New God Mr. Burns: Oof! *wheeze* This thing weighs *wheeze* a ton!
New God Mr. Burns: Tell me *wheeze* Smith-- *wheeze* --ers, am I the very picture *wheeze* of robust *wheeze-wheeze* might?
Smithers: Uhhhh...

Task: Make New God Mr. Burns Show Off the Guns
Time: 4h

New God Mr. Burns: I don't understand *wheeze*. Why are *gasp* people not *wheeze-cough* awed by me?
Smithers: I am deeply sorry sir.

Burns Almighty Pt. 5

Mr. Burns starts

New God Mr. Burns: Smithers, you will make me a god, or I'll have your hide!
Smithers: Well, sir, you're already a god to me...
New God Mr. Burns: ...
Smithers: I'll get to work.

Task: Make New God Mr. Burns Check Himself Out
Time: 8h
Location: Control Building
Task: Make Smithers Think of a Plan B
Time: 8h
Location: Control Building

Smithers: Sir, I have an idea!

Burns Almighty Pt. 6

Mr. Burns starts

Smithers: We want to impress the people so much that they worship you, right?
Smithers: Then we must give them... spectacle! Hollywood-quality special effects! Pyrotechnics!
Smithers: A production worthy of Hollywood's Golden Age!
New God Mr. Burns: You mean now? Because I consider this to be Hollywood's Golden Age.
New God Mr. Burns: Seriously, did you SEE “Zoolander 2?” Pure movie magic.

Task: Make New God Mr. Burns Put On a Show
Time: 12h
Location: Control Building

New God Mr. Burns: Arrgh...
Smithers: Sir? Sir! Are you alright?
New God Mr. Burns: God...is...dead.
Smithers: Don't die on me, sir. Please don't die.
Mr. Burns: I'm only being dramatic, you nitwit. I'm naturally flame-****. Benefits of petrifyingly-advanced old age.

Cult Flying Saucer

Auto starts

Homer: AAAAAAHHH! The Rigellians are back to destroy our world!
Professor Frink: According to my analysis, this is just a replica of your typical flying saucer.
Professor Frink: Yes. This vehicle was built with plywood, metal scraps, and cheap light bulbs.
Professor Frink: It's basically a toy for grown-ups.
Homer: AAAAAAHHH! Everybody take cover! The Rigellians are attacking us with toy flying saucers!

Task: Tap the Cult Flying Saucer

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 1

The Parson starts

Rev. Lovejoy: Parson! To what do I owe this, uh, pleasure?
The Parson: Your former congregation walks the streets paying homage to river spirits and you wonder why I'm here?
Rev. Lovejoy: I've tried, I really have!
The Parson: We in the Presbylutheran Church can stomach losing the occasional member to the Lutherterians.
The Parson: They're a heretical lot, doomed to hellfire, but, you know, I see the appeal. I get it.
The Parson: But PAGANISM, Tim? Really?

Task: Make the Parson Sermonize at Rev. Lovejoy
Time: 8h
Location: First Church of Springfield
Requires: Rev. Lovejoy

Rev. Lovejoy: It's just a slump! I've had them before!
The Parson: Your numbers are down for the twelfth straight quarter. That's not a slump. That's a one-way ticket to the Saskatoon parish.
The Parson: Now, we're gonna fix this, or you can pack your bags.

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 2

The Parson starts

The Parson: Timothy, gather your flock. I am going to address them personally.
Rev. Lovejoy: That's incredible! You haven't spoken publicly since 1983!
The Parson: And I swore I never would again. The last time I sermonized, my words were so holy twelve old widows burst into flame.
The Parson: But the situation is dire. Time to play the old hits.

Task: Make Rev. Lovejoy Advertise the Parson's Speech
Time: 1h
Location: Town Hall
Task: Make the Parson Sermonize the Old Hits
Time: 1h
Location: First Church of Springfield
Task: Make Ned Notice His Moustache Tingle
Time: 1h
Location: First Church of Springfield

Ned: That... that was incredible!
The Parson: I wish the rest of the congregation agreed. Those pentagram-wearing weirdos just stared at me...
Rev. Lovejoy: See? I told you!
The Parson: I performed all my 80's hits: “God: Your Personal Yoda,” “LPs are the Old Testament, CDs the New” and “Faith: the Jane Fonda Workout for Your Soul.”
The Parson: Has my material gone stale?

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 3

The Parson starts

The Parson: Time to bring out the big guns.
The Parson: Gather the troops, Timothy. Tomorrow, the Parson will croon this town back to God.

Task: Make Lovejoy Advertise the Parson's Performance
Time: 12h
Location: Town Hall
Task: Make the Parson Sing Psalm 98:5
Time: 12h
Location: First Church of Springfield
Task: Make Ned Notice His Moustache Tingle Again
Time: 12h
Location: First Church of Springfield

The Parson: Still nothing! What is with these people?
Rev. Lovejoy: I don't mean to gloat, but I did tell you--
The Parson: Saskatoon, Tim. Saskatoon.
Rev. Lovejoy: Shutting up now, sir.

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 4

The Parson starts

The Parson: It appears that the situation is much worse than I thought.
The Parson: I need to commune with the Lord in quiet contemplation.
The Parson: Where's the nearest golf course?

Task: Make the Parson Tear it Up
Time: 4h

The Parson: I have consulted with the Holy Spirit.
Rev. Lovejoy: What did he say?
The Parson: Mostly complained about His clubs. He shot an 85. He's a 7 handicap, so a rough day for Him out there.

The Bad Shepherd Pt. 5

The Parson starts

Rev. Lovejoy: So... what's the plan to win back our flock?
The Parson: First, I'm going to peal off in my golf cart.
Rev. Lovejoy: And then?
The Parson: I don't know, spread the Word maybe. Point is, this town gives me the creeps. You're welcome to it.

Task: Make the Parson Spread the Word
Time: 24h

Ralph: Yay, a golf cart!
The Parson: If you'll come to church this Sunday, I'll let you drive it, son.
Ralph: No thank you. I worship a tree. Tree said he'll buy me a fire truck.
The Parson: I hate this town...

Bonus Gift

Auto starts

Task: Collect Antlers [x5100]
Reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Devil Snowman

Auto starts

Satyr Willie: The old gods demand a sacrifice!
Satyr Willie: Bring forth the Devil Snowman, so that Willie may feast upon its icy heart!
Satyr Willie: I mean, I gotta assume the old gods don't want their main goat Willie going to jail, right?

Task: Place the Devil Snowman
Task: Make Satyr Willie Eat Heartily
Time: 4h
Location: Devil Snowman

Satyr Willie: HA HA HA! The snowman is no more!
Wiggum: You know there's creepy/cool, and there's just creepy/stupid. Kinda veered toward the second one, there.
Satyr Willie: Yeah, it didn't feel that great.
Satyr Willie: Still, when it comes to sacrifices, baby steps. Baby steps.

Ba'al Pit

Auto starts

Milhouse: Look at that dumb ball pit!
Bart: Yeah, ball pits are for stupid babies! We outgrew those years ago!
Milhouse: WAIT! It's not a ball pit, it's a “Ba'al” pit!
Bart: Then that's TOTALLY different. Whee!

Task: Place Ba'al Pit
Task: Make Milhouse Play in the Ba'al Pit
Time: 4h
Location: Ba'al Pit
Task: Make Bart Play in the Ba'al Pit
Time: 4h
Location: Ba'al Pit

Bart: Whee!
Milhouse: Whee!
Lisa: Fellas, I don't know how to tell you this, but a ball pit's a ball pit, no matter what they call it.

The Ravencrow Pt. 1

Lisa starts

Milhouse: Wow, Lisa, I love your new outfit!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Lisa? Never heard of her. My name is Ravencrow Neversmiles, and you're in my way, worm!
Milhouse: Eight is pretty early for a Goth phase.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: I'm precocious. It's not a crime.

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Dye All Her Clothes Black
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson House

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Now my raiment is as black as my Goth soul.
Milhouse: You look awesome in black, Lis.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Aw, thanks!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: WAIT! Stop cheering me up! Trying to be morose here, dude.

The Ravencrow Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Milhouse: Hey Ravencrow, I got an extra ticket to the new Angelica Button movie. Wanna go?
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Oooh! Shoot, yes I do. Very much.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: But alas, a Goth must always be alone. Alone with her bottomless despair.
Milhouse: Okay. Have fun with that!

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Enjoy Some Time Alone
Time: 24h
Location: Brown House

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Wow. I've been lonely most of my life.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: But when I'm CHOOSING to be alone, it's actually kind of nice.
Milhouse: My dark majesty...
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Not now! Enjoying solitude here!
Milhouse: Can I do it with you? PLEASE?

The Ravencrow Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Milhouse: What a great day! The sun is shining, and I got the saddest girl in Springfield by my side.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Dang it, the sun! I almost forgot to cover up. A Goth with a tan is no Goth at all!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: I need sunscreen! The highest SPF science has to offer!

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Bathe in SPF 200 Sunscreen
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson House

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Ahh. Now my skin will forever remain a pallid bright yellow.
Milhouse: And what beautiful skin it is, my Cimmerian empress.

The Ravencrow Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Hmm. Passing the time sure is hard when you're not allowed to take pleasure from anything.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: How to be miserable, how to be miserable...
Ravencrow Neversmiles: I know! I'll compose dark, despairing poetry. Verses so bleak, they'll suck all enjoyment from life itself!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: This is going to be so fun!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: No! No, not fun! Come on Ravencrow, stick to your guns!

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Write Dark Poetry
Time: 4h

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Let's see, what rhymes with “a playground of woe...”
Ravencrow Neversmiles: “A greyhound of snow?” “A slayed pound of dough?” Is that anything? Ugh.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: Milhouse! I'm not depressed enough! Come here and annoy me for a while!
Milhouse: With pleasure!

The Ravencrow Pt. 5

Lisa starts

Ravencrow Neversmiles: Let's see, what else are Goths into...
Ravencrow Neversmiles: The Cure? Pass. Vampires? Lame. Witchcraft? Ugh. So dumb.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: As a student of science, I reject spiritualism lock, stock, and barrel.
Milhouse: I have a Ouija board, my sweet! We could séance together!
Ravencrow Neversmiles: No, too embarrassing. Leave the board. You, scram.

Task: Make Ravencrow Neversmiles Communicate With the Dead
Time: 12h
Task: Make Milhouse Try to Eavesdrop
Time: 12h
Location: Van Houten House

Ravencrow Neversmiles: No ghosts. Big surprise.
Milhouse: No communing with the dead? That's all right. You'll get ‘em next time, my bleak queen of grief.
Ravencrow Neversmiles: No, I give up. I liked being sad all the time better when I could wear comfortable shoes.

The Wickerman

Auto starts

Homer: So... building a Wickerman I see?
Satyr Willie: Aye.
Homer: Probably planning on burning someone alive inside of it, right? Like in the movie?
Satyr Willie: Maybe. And maybe that man... is you!

Task: Place the Wickerman
Task: Tap the Wickerman

Satyr Willie: Scared we'll put YOU inside the Wickerman, Homer?
Homer: Pff. Like you'd burn down a brand-new decoration. This whole deal is about putting as much cool stuff in your Springfield as possible.
Satyr Willie: Aye, you called our bluff.

Maggie's Day Out Pt. 1

Marge starts

Marge: I was thinking you and I could run some errands, Maggie! That always makes for an exciting quest!
Maggie: *suck* *suck*
Marge: Let's go get you some diapers. And since it's cold outside, you'll get to wear your star snowsuit!
Marge: The one everybody just can't help but compliment!
Maggie: *suck* *suck* *suck*

Task: Make Marge Stock Up on Diapers
Time: 4h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart
Requires: Maggie

Apu: Who is so cute in her star snowsuit. Maggie is!
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck* *suck*
Marge: Oh, that? We just threw it on. It didn't even occur to us we'd get compliments!

Maggie's Day Out Pt. 2

Marge starts

Marge: Hm. Now, my little star, we have to bring your brother his lunch.
Marge: This morning I hid it behind the microwave, and he “forgot” it, and now I get to show you off to the whole school!

Task: Make Marge Bring Bart His Lunch
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Requires: Bart

Bart: Everytime the weather gets cold, you make up excuses to take Star Maggie all over town.
Marge: I have no idea what you're talking about, young man.
Skinner: And who is this stunning little girl? What are you? A starfish or a Christmas tree topper?
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck* *suck*

Maggie's Day Out Pt. 3

Marge starts

Marge: Let's park ourselves in the town square. You take a stroller nap, and I'll watch all the passersby “ooh” and “aah” at you. Fun!
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck* *suck*
Marge: Sweet dreams, my little star!

Task: Make Star Snowsuit Maggie Take a Nap
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall
Requires: Marge

Quimby: You morons! We're just about to raise the town Christmas tree, and you tell me we don't have a star?
Willie: Look, there's a star-shaped something-or-other in this baby carriage...
Quimby: Grab it!

Maggie's Day Out Pt. 4

Maggie starts

Quimby: Perfect! Now get that star-shaped whatever-it-is on that tree, and let's get this annual chore over with!
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck* *suck*
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck!*
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck* *suck* *suck…*
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck* *suck?*
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck* *suck* *suck!*
Marge: Maggie? Maggie where are you?!

Reward: Holiday Tree
Task: Place a Christmas Tree in Town
Task: Make Star Snowsuit Maggie Be a Christmas Tree Star
Time: 8h
Location: Holiday Tree
Task: Make Marge Look for Maggie
Time: 8h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

Marge: Mayor Quimby, you used my daughter as a Christmas tree topper?
Quimby: No. It was, er, uh, my opponent in the next election who did it. That guy or gal is always up to something. Vote Quimby.
Krusty: Hey, hey. What's with the enormous symbol of religious exclusion in the center of town!
Old Jewish Man: We demand a menorah of equal or greater height, or a Star of David atop that Holiday Tree.
Quimby: I hate this town. I really do.

Maggie's Day Out Pt. 5

Maggie starts

Quimby: To all my Jewish constituents, we have located a Star of David to place atop this, er, non-denominational tree, right next to the other star.
Cletus: Look, Brandine, our child gets to be a tree topper. I’s so proud.
Brandine: He looks so adorable in his six-pointed snowsuit what keeps his tail warm.

Task: Make Star Snowsuit Maggie Share Space Atop the Tree
Time: 8h
Location: Holiday Tree

Quimby: Happy Holidays, you ingrates!
Star Snowsuit Maggie: *suck*

Bonus Gift

Auto starts

Task: Collect Brooches [x5400]
Reward: 1/2/3 Donuts
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