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Shared tasks - C'mon EA!!

The parson is on another shared task, since I'm tired of storing the church the free the rev up since it doesn't automatically send them on the task together when I use the employment office. Not that it matters because even when I do get them on task together, they don't automatically rush their jobs in the morning like everyone else, so I'm going to find them lagging behind the next time I log in.

That pretty much gives me a full house of 1, 4, 8, and 12 hour tasks now that have one set that don't automatically start together and don't automatically finish by rushing like the other 180 characters I have in town.

When you added individual tasks back with the introduction of this system - we were happy. You got mostly really positive feedback for the changes. So why continue with the shared tasks with nearly every update since? Please fix the starting and ending points of these tasks or (better yet) add individual tasks for these characters (Fatov, Robot Burns and Smithers, Wind lad and Citizen Solar, the Parson). Thank you.


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