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PSA ~ Tap new pagans in Neighborino's towns

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edited December 2016
Not 100% sure on this, but it appears that tapping the new act two pagans gives four runestones while the old ones only give two.

This might be an oversight, like the fact that my taskbar still has the wreath telling me to collect antlers, or it might be intentional. Either weigh, get 'em while the gettin's good!

Edit: Nevermind. Upon returning to my town after posting this, the wreath in my taskbar is gone and I only see new pagans in Neighboreeno's town. Someone must be working at EA tonight. :smile:


  • Shame it was spotted too quick.
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  • I just did neighbour visits with new pagans. They paid out 4 runestones.
  • If you tap one of the three "old" style pagans you get two. If you tap one of the new looking ones you get 4. It's a giant pain and I hope it get fixed to drop 4 ask the time...
  • I noticed too that neighboreeno towns had both the act I pagans as well as the act II ones. I thought a few older one were dropping antlers and to be on the safe side I tried only tapping the new ones :smiley:
  • Honestly I only saw new pagans on my friends towns.
  • I just did my neighbor visits and I definitely saw both new and old style pagans. I didn't notice if they paid out differently. One thing that is nice is that they're now much more abundant and easier to find. Let's just hope they can fix the payout issue without making them scarce again.
  • meinaz
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    I only saw new pagans too. I agree that the new pagans are easier too see, so I may have missed the old ones.
  • I'm getting both, but didn't notice the payout difference (wasn't paying attention). So thank you for posting this.
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