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Favorite Event This Year

So what was your favorite event this year?

Personally, I thought most of the mini events were terrific! I'd say both "Crook and Ladder" and "Homer's Chiliad" were my favorites. The Fire Station fits perfectly in my town and Space Coyote is one character I didn't realize how much I actually wanted and now couldn't imagine him not being in my town.

On the flip side I think "SciFi" was the weakest event because I had a hard time designing with the prizes and the voice dialogue for President Lisa really got on my nerves. Also "Springfield Games" wasn't anything special with that weird Fatov character.


  • I enjoyed super heroes 2 this year. Good selection of prizes.
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    Superheroes 2 and winter 2016.i also liked Thanksgiving 2016
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  • I liked Halloween - liked the whole movie monsters theme to it and I think the content was pretty good with the castles and the cobbled paving - helped me add one of my new favourite areas to my town. I also really liked the Wild West and Las Springfield events and Homer!s Chillead mini-event.

    I didn't really like Superheroes 2 as I hate the fighting mechanism although the content was quite good. I also didn't really like the Future Springfield event as the buildings were hard to design with and take up too much space.

    Winter 2016 is a bit 'meh!' It's not terrible but definitely the worst holiday season event we'I've had - content is very uninspiring
  • Mine was Superheroes 2.
    Also don't forget about the Showcase side to show off your designs as its getting lonely over there. https://forums.ea.com/en/the-simpsons-tapped-out/categories/springfield-showcase
  • I liked all the events. Leaning towards Halloween as my favorite. Highlights of the year came after some really frustrating times, like finally getting back in my game after being locked out from the level up debacle and getting the new forum after all the rumors that ours was gone for good. Thanks to @johncolombo for helping me and many others who were locked out of the forum because of old names that were assigned. Ugh, what a year :D
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  • I liked Casino the most!
  • Casino
  • Superheroes 2 was my favorite! Casino was good. Halloween was great this year.

    Redwood tree this year was great, it's just so tall and beautiful, a center of my green area.

    Low is certainly Christmas, the pegans theme is meh.

    I loved the discounts for Black Friday, helped me get chars and items I am missing. Also looking forward to 21st.
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  • Casino was the best. Good prizes, good craftables, easy to design.
  • This event and Halloween were my favorites this year. I pretty much hated everything else.
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  • Halloween was the event that I enjoy the most closely followed by Superheroes 2, worst event personally was the Casino.
  • I liked Wild West and didn't like Future SF because of buildings.
  • 1SmallFoot wrote: »
    I liked Wild West and didn't like Future SF because of buildings.

    I also did not like future because of the buildings, very hard time designing the future area.
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  • Superhero's, Wild-west and Thanksgiving.
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  • Halloween and winter 2016.
  • Absolutely superheros 2 100 percent its the first event I got all prizes
  • Super heros mainly because I loved the content. After that I enjoyed the mini events more than the major events.
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