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What did you get in your Mystery Gifts?

The only thing I wanted from the platinum gift was the North Pole Monorail Station. I bought the Murderhorn because I love it as a decoration and I opened my platinum mystery box to reveal...A North Pole Station! :D

So, what did you get in your mystery gifts? Also, was it what you wanted or expected? Which gifts are you going for? Silver/Gold/Platinum? Let me know! :)


  • my silver and gold is just one building each. pass
    platinum: sophie, slide factory, bear cave, n.pole station (in my wishing order)
    no bying vouchers, only gnome catching + 1000 free.
    so, 2 shots for me, probably.
  • Fort sensible
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • Platinum: Slide factory, Sophie. Didn't get the North Pole station I'll have to wait for that.
    Not tried the Gold or silver as yet.
    Bought the Duff Arena centre which I wanted.
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  • Christmas Raccoon :(

    But I got a mystery box after completing today's daily challenge and that gave me... 30 donuts!
  • On my 2nd town, bought Lucille Botz and snow monster to get enough vouchers.
    Platinum in order of preference: Sophie, Costingtons, N. Pole station, Slide factory, bear cave. I got Sophie :smiley:
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  • Three things available in platinum box: slide factory, north pole station, and Sophie. Wanted Sophie and got slide factory.
  • Opened a silver box to clear the task and got the tropical island. Not really interested in that; would've liked Ebenezer Burns instead.
  • I got Sohpie. Wanted her, Costingtons, and the North pole station
  • Christmas raccoon
  • tropical island,victors secret, sophie
    have everything else from mystery gifts
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  • It was between the Bear Cave and Costingtons. Nervously I pulled the trigger.

  • Had the christmas raccoon as my only option. Guess thats what i get for having everything
  • Main town, platinum in order of preference: Costingtons, N. Pole station, Slide factory, bear cave. I got the bear cave :disappointed:

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  • Rich0913 wrote: »
    Had the christmas raccoon as my only option. Guess thats what i get for having everything
    did you tap it yet? it's got a neat animation. always liked my raccoon

    fast2shadow2 in Crawl to the Finish
  • Now I am the owner of the North Pole Station. At least I know I will get Sophie next.
  • Just got Sophie. One prize left to get now :)
    I NUKED my main town. >:)
  • Only had Sophie and the Slide Factory available. Bought Lucille, then got Sophie from the box.
    Now I wait and see if I get the last remaining box without having to buy anything more. :)
  • 1ahackamacka
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    I bought two platinum boxes and got the North Pole station and costingtons.

    Only had 4 items in the platinum boxes; North Pole station, costingtons, Sophie and the slide factory. Then North Pole station kind of **** me off, it's the one thing I really didn't want and have no use for. My monorail has been disabled for some time now and I have no desire to put it back together. At least I got costingtons on my 2nd shot. Going to try to earn a free box before the event ends. Should just make it.

    Anyone know if daily challenges can earn vouchers?
  • I don't know where people see costingtons from. I bought the duff center arena for I think like 1400 tickets and got a premium box and unlocked Wall E Weasels.
  • Nevermind I see now. Had to click on the ticket tab to see prizes. Hope to get sophie or costingtons
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